Why archery is good for kids? 15 Reasons to Get Them into It

Are you fed up with witnessing your kids with their eyes for all time sticking on a smartphone?

Today’s kids can’t imagine their lives without the existence of the digital device. They are interested to play virtual games rather than playing in reality.

This unavoidable situation made many parents concerned about the effects that gadgets are causing to the children. So what should you do to persuade your kids away from their devices into the actual world?

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Why is archery a good sport for kids?

Kids going to think it’s too cool to shoot.

Archery for Kids

1. One Of The Safest Sports

Safety first! According to the Archery Trade Association, archery is secure than almost every school-offered ball sport, except table tennis and bowling.

2. Year-Round, IndoorsAndOut – For Everyone

Archery is convenient for indoor and outdoor settings, and its allures to many audiences, come rain, snow or sunshine.

There are many diverse styles of archery, including target archery, field archery which is enjoyed on a wooded course outdoors and also 3D archery, for shooting foam animal targets.

Archery moves indoors for the winter months, and outside in spring, summer and fall. It’s also flexible for those with impairment, known as para-archers.

Para-archers shoot either from a stool or wheelchair. Some even use their teeth or feet to draw their bow.

3. No Age Limit

It can be tough if you have more than one child to find a sport that both can take up. The best thing about for kids is that it’s open to all ages.

4. Scholarships Are Available

College is not low-cost and for many families, a scholarship is a great way of getting their kids a great education.

The 2014 NASP (National Archery in the School Program) National Championship gave out $77,000 in scholarships to nearly 11,000 student-archers.

NASP isn’t the only organization offering scholarships; the National Field Archery Association, together with the Easton Foundations, also awards scholarship money.

5. FocusAnd Self-discipline

The core of archery is learning a step-by-step method for drawing a bow and shooting an arrow.

Even for the youthful archers quickly learn that by slowing down and focusing on one step at a time, they are more fruitful at putting arrows in the middle of the target.

When archers make a misstep, they are instructed that the solution is to analyze their steps and focus on improving one thing at a time.

This is a tremendous way for success not only on the archery field but also in the classroom, and in life.

6. Develop Goal Setting

Setting goals and knowing how to set goals is very crucial for personal growth. It grants you to understand what needs to improve and then set goals to hit those new targets.

Archery aids kids to learn how to set these goals, a skill they can adapt to their day to day life.

7. Enhanced Physical Health

During outdoor tournaments, archers consume all-natural Vitamin D from the sun for bone health. Regardless of the setting, archery builds core, chest, back and shoulder muscles.

Note: drawing 40 arrows at 25 pounds each equals 1,000 pounds of weight. Archery also boosts heart health, muscle tone, and leg strength.

8. Develops Children’s Behavior

Archery is a magnificent sport to help upgrade a child’s behavior, this is both outside of school as well as inside.

In order for them to take part in archery and shoot their bow, they have to follow the rules. If they don’t, they are simply not able to shoot. Archery teaches them that in order to do what they love, they must behave.

9. Patience

Nowadays most of the kids lack patience. However, archery can help to encourage them to be more patient.

They are not going to be able to shoot entirely right away, however, with practice, they will improve and thus teach them to be a little more patient.

By practicing archery, children become more patient while shooting, as it requires a lot of focus and thought.

10. Builds Confidence And Self-Awareness

Whether your “target” is increasing your health, physique, sociability or focus, archery can help you hit the bulls-eye and be a more confident you, in and out of the classroom.

11. Better Balance And Coordination

Drawing a bow strengthens core muscles, which enhance archers’ balance and stability. In turn, balance and stability improve posture, hand-eye coordination, and the chances of hitting the target.

12. Relaxation & Stress Relief

Today’s children are more stressed, a lot of this is down to the pressure at school or social media. The best thing about archery and why it recommends it for kids is that it can help to relax and decrease stress.

While one stand and face the target with the bow drawn, all their thinking about is the target.

You’re breathing and focusing only on your shot, you don’t think about anything rather than that target. Archery is perfect for you when just want to get away from the day to day stress.

13. Gets The Kids Outdoors

Nowadays it can be incredibly tough for parents to get children out of the house, even more so if they love playing virtual games.

Getting them into archery encourages them to get out from the home into the range or even in the backyard to shoot at the target as well as support them to be in the actual world.

14. Low-Cost Sport

When it’s about the cost, archery is definitely the best option for everyone. When you look at other sports, it can be way much expensive.

With archery, you can usually find all of the equipment at a very reasonable price. Some of the great youth bows are low in cost but can still provide them with years and years of use.

15. Time Management

Most of the clubs only allow shooting on the range for so many hours, on certain days of the week. Children, therefore, need to make the most of their time and thus focus more on the time they have.

If your kid also has homework, they may need to learn more about time management to get this done before being able to shoot.