Baby Clothes and Shoes Checklist

Couples who have experience with the babies might have a good idea about the baby’s essentials checklist. Those who are going to have their first baby real soon might need some assistance. If you are looking for assistance online, then you are in the right place. You wanted to make sure that you are prepared to welcome your first baby, and we will help you get everything you will need beforehand.

Shopping for a newborn baby is completely different than your traditional everyday shopping. You don’t have an idea of what size to get. Those who don’t have an idea about gender also find it difficult to decide what exactly they need to shop. The quantity of clothes and shoes is also a problem that parents face more often. Let us list the essentials in this article that you should get for your newborn baby.

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Short sleeve bodysuits:

Short sleeve bodysuits are the essentials for 3 months old babies. They come in free size and fit all body types and sizes. The best thing is that these types of short sleeve bodysuits usually have wide and expandable shoulders, which makes it easy for the parents to get it over the large baby heads. Since these types of bodysuits are easy to handle, you can simply take them off as well when the baby has a poop explosion. You can simply pull the bodysuit down without risking getting poo on the baby’s head. Apart from that, these bodysuits are comfortable for the baby, and it goes well in both cold and warm seasons. You can also find bodysuits that are specifically designed for sensitive baby skins.


If it is winter or colder days, you just can’t rely upon the blankets. Even in summers, pajamas are a must. For the winter season, you can consider getting pajamas with fleece, and for summer, cotton pajamas would be helpful. There are different types of pajamas available, and you can pick any of them according to your convenience. There are footed pajamas that have socks stitched with pajamas, so you don’t have to put socks on the baby’s foot separately.

You can also get footless pajamas, but that would just be extra work that you need to manage. There are zipper pajamas as well that are easy to put on as compared to button pajamas. These types of pajamas come in handy when you need to change the diaper of the baby. All you need to do is unzip the pajama and change the diaper. This way, you will also not expose the baby’s chest to cold temperature.

Hat or Toque:

Babies should have their head covered for the first three months, and that is why you should consider buying a hat or toque before time as well. It is not recommended for babies to leave the hospital without a hat. Whether it is summer or winter, a baby should have his/her head covered. Beanies are the best choice for the winter seasons. They are soft and stretchy and look very cool on the baby’s head. There are different designs and patterns available, and you can pick one according to your preference.


Your baby would hardly need shoes before he/she turns 1. But if your baby is an early walker, you need to get everyday shoes that are comfortable to wear and difficult enough for the baby to take off. You can consider buying rubber sole shoes with genuine leather as babies do not feel them in their feet, and they are also soft enough to assist babies in walking.

These are some of the essentials that you should consider buying if you are expecting a baby. Diapers and drool bibs are also the essentials, but since most parents do have an idea about them, we tried to list out the essentials that most of the parents are confused about. We hope that this checklist helps you to get the right things for your baby. You can share your checklist recommendations with us and let us know what helped you the most.