Best 5 Deodorants for Teenage Guys and Girls in 2023

what is the best deodorant for teenage guys

Summer is almost here. That reminds me… are you missing out on something?

Except for the schools, obviously. It’s the unbearable sweat due to the scorching heat.

Rest assured and unclench that unconsciously clenched jaw, you are not the only one who’s suffering. For people with hyperhidrosis, it’s even worse and the bad luck haunts them throughout the season.

You just cannot hop on to an occasion with sweaty armpits, especially in summer.

But no worries — don’t sweat the small stuff (literally) while I find your teen hormones the best deodorant that suits your skin type and concern, without breaking a sweat!

In this article, I found some of the best deodorants that I thought would be worth the shot according to your concern. The list is made focusing on teenage girls and boys while targeting their sweat and odor concerns.

If you are a teen and new to hygiene, welcome! Hope you like it here while I walk you through the ‘teeny’ tiny problems with solutions.

What is the best deodorant for teenage guys and girls 2023

Image Name Feature Price
Teen Spirit Antiperspirant Deodorant The scent is strong and lasts for hours
Resists perspiration and odor
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Best For Teenage Girls Aluminum Free Natural Deodorant Effective against odor
Safe, plant-based ingredients
Invisible roll on
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Level Up Teenage Boys Deodorant 24 Hr Odor Protection
Clinically Tested for Teenage Boys
Formulated for Sensitive Skin
Organic Deoplex
Made in the USA
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Fresh Monster Natural Deodorant for Kids and Teens All Day Odor Protection with Refreshing Scent
Smooth Application Deodorant for Girls & Boys
Hypoallergenic and Dermatologist-Tested
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Grownish Deodorant for Kids 8 and Up Ages All-day protection
Invisible solid stick
Natural, organic ingredients
Made especially for kids
Underarm Protection for a Kid or Teen
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Let’s dive deeper into the context and see what the article has to offer.

Why should I Use Deodorant in the First Place?

That’s a good question and before I bomber you with my ‘best deodorant for teenagers’ list and whatnot, let’s just learn how deodorant was Almost my knight in the shining armor (This is coming from someone who has hyperhidrosis).

But what if you stop using deodorant at all? Some people are blessed enough to live just fine without it and as I like to say – “God’s favorite.”

I think we both know the answer and the stinky is what we don’t wanna know. Teenagers are adventurous, apart from having very active hormones and glands.

So, if you can already imagine and are convinced, you may skip this part to choose your favorite deodorant from my list. And if you are still confused, bear with me.

Avoid the stinky scenario

Let me help you picture this — one day, you came home after a long hour of school or just say, from the nearby playground. You enter your home and your mom looks at you. She doesn’t look impressed, as usual, this time with a curious sense of sniffing.

What’s that funny smell?

Don’t be embarrassed. Here’s a fact and don’t be surprised, but puberty doesn’t have a specific age. Teenage boys and girls can develop body odor at a very young age for no specific reason. We’re human and it’s different for everyone.

When your body hair starts growing, so do your sweat glands that spread this odor and stinky situation. There’s nothing to be ashamed of, we have all been there. And we did that. We bought deodorants according to our skin concerns.

And I suggest you do the same.

Sweat patches

It’s very common for teenage guys and girls to stain their clothes due to sweat. And sometimes, very embarrassing in public.

Bacterial breakdown of the perspiration in armpits, hairlines, back neck, and other parts of your body causes sweat stains and odor. If you are someone who doesn’t sweat a lot, it’s still relevant. We can’t escape the stink.

People who sweat moderately, good job. You are getting your toxins removed religiously. You should already know about the sweat patches, let’s say, you’re obsessed to hide them when it happens.

Hyperhidrosis people welcome to the club. I know what you feel and what you need. Sweat patches are killing us (not me, I believe in deodorant supremacy).

Top deodorants You Could Buy This Year!

Now that you are here, it means that I have convinced you. Well, congratulations, you’re on the right track unlike the teen hormones (Trust me, I’ve been there). Choosing the correct deodorant while addressing your skin concern is an extreme sport itself.

But our team is wonderful enough to find you the best deodorant for teenagers. And, I will write a brief review of each of them based on my experiences and keen observations. The rest depends on you!

Grownish Deodorant for Kids 8 and Up

Parents, or even, kids complain that the deodorants they are using are not good enough. They are still having body odor and longevity issues. The truth is– not all deodorants work for every teen, solely because not every deodorant can tackle the skin concerns they are having.

Teens tend to just grab off the deodorants available at their nearest store and go away with it. That’s where the problem starts, some of them are pretty trash. The experience jumps up to a satisfactory one in which you choose deodorants according to your skin concerns.

best deodorant for teenager

Grownish Deodorant with fruity fragrances happens to check all the boxes on my list and fights for its spot to be the best one out there.

But what made it stand out?

Few of reasons, actually. It has its own drawbacks but let’s start with the wonderful work that it does on the skin. Undoubtedly, the collections of the fragrance are to die for! This is said to be the best deodorant for teenage girls, and I second that. The combination of fruity smells and vanilla would surely take your breath away.

I’ve seen ‘good and heavenly smelling deodorants’ that don’t last a second. That’s just a waste of scent. What’s the point of smelling good if it doesn’t last long enough? Nothing. It’s the magic longevity that keeps it above everyone on the list. The deodorant also gives a sense of coolness to those areas that leave you to feel confident and dry.

And, Grownish understood the assignment. All of their deodorants are 24 hours long-lasting that leaves no residue. Here’s another fact — kids are messy and teen hormones are crazy. They do not have time to take extra care of their hygiene at some point.

Grownish is an invisible solid stick that leaves no marks on the skin and on the cloth. It’s easy to wash off and to wear at the same time. Doesn’t stain the cloth and comes off easily, a pretty good deal actually.

The ingredients are safe to wear all day long with a natural and organic formula infused with plant-derived ingredients. The manufacturer claims to make it, especially for kids so they are completely safe on sensitive skin, to begin with.

I would also suggest offering this to your boy because the scent is that good. This is super important for kids and teens to practice good hygiene before they become responsible adults!

This comes in a pack of three, so it’s a steal at this price. I also saw some reports on natural deodorants that discolor those armpits. So far, nothing bad on this one.

The only drawback is it might not be vegan. But, the happiest news- it’s cruelty-free! No animal or living being had to put their life at risk to make this product safe for you guys. This one sold me.

Good For You Girls Aluminum-Free Natural Deodorant

Like the name says, it’s for girls. But I’d say it’s unisex and boys deserve some that floral aesthetic too. If you are a boy and think you like it, go for it, it’s amazing! I’ll tell you why and mark my words- this will be in your cart in 5 minutes.

best deodorant for teenage girl

Just as the name suggests this deodorant is Aluminum-free. If you are not already familiar with aluminum and alcohol in your deodorants, this is what health experts say about Aluminum on the skin:

Alzheimer’s: Research shows that Aluminum causes diseases related to neurons and is a renowned neurotoxin.

Parkinson’s: Exposure to aluminum is also shown to cause Parkinson’s disease.

Breast Cancer: Even though there is no strong evidence till now like I said above, there have been cases of breast cancer due to deodorant, and most of them are known to have aluminum in them.

Bone Disorders: Aluminum is absorbed by the intestines and then, to the bones that cause bone disorders

This is completely aluminum-free. That means, less of the cases that I mentioned ^, also the pros are amusing. Aluminum-free antiperspirant blocks the body odor without blocking sweat pores and glands. It helps to fight the stinky situation but it lets your pore breath and lets you have your moment.

It claims to use two types of technology and breaks down bacteria that eventually help in less body odor. It also has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. That means it is safe for sensitive skin too. A win!

The formula is not only free of aluminum, but it also is safe from parabens, PEG’s, phthalates, and synthetic dyes. So, a common sense, it must be all-natural, right?

Yes, it is. It is filled with vitamins and organic components that soothe the skin. When they said they included ingredients that bring the best out of the most sensitive skin, they had me. I’m sold, this is the second-best deodorant for a teenage boy or for girls.

These ingredients are all safe and plant-based, leaving me with nothing to whine about.
Unlike the staining roll-ons or powder/spray that leaves marks on skin and cloth, Good for you deodorants work like invisible roll-ons. They don’t leave any cast on the cloth or even clog pores that irritate the skin. This is said to work amazing on stinky feet too. Try it and let me know!

If you are still not sure about this deodorant based on my words, you can now, actually. Good for your deodorant has been awarded by Allure Magazine, Creative Child Magazine, and Natural Solutions Magazine. This is safe and affordable.

This might not be the best choice for boys since they sweat more than girls, generally. You can do a patch test first before using it with full force.

What are you waiting for? This could be the best deodorant for a teenage girl to exist. RUN.

Fresh Monster Natural Deodorant

It’s my personal favorite on the list and just reading the name got me excited. Did I mention it has this yummy gummy flavor to it? Smells almost like it’s edible. Totally my type.

I listed the previous one because it was free of aluminum. Aluminum was out of my recommendations because of the reputation it has, but sometimes it works well under caution. Fresh Monster Natural deodorant makes the best combination of refreshing scents which is super long-lasting.

best deodorant for teenage guys

But, what makes it worthy?

The founders of Fresh Monster are two moms working towards creating a toxin-free product line for the kids. And if you ask me, this deodorant is one of the best from their product line.

It has been amazing from the beginning, and with that price point, I don’t even know how they bag such quality on this product.

However they do it, it’s game for us.

This can be promoted as the best deodorant for kids as it’s that easy to use. The ingredients are fine too. There is no aluminum (my prime concern) or artificial ingredients like paraben, triclosan, and phthalate. Your child is safe, at least, with those ingredients. It’s a natural deodorant, so it has baking soda, tapioca starch. But these have their own disadvantages, I’ll point them out in the cons section.

Alongside the ingredients, the application is top-notch. It glides smoothly on the skin and leaves no white cast or any sort of artificial product. Soft, cozy, refreshing, and never scratchy. What can I ask for more?

Despite being so affordable, it nailed its job. But, a few things could be better in this tube. For instance- baking soda and its residue. Although it is natural and I understand that it’s controllable, this issue still bugs me. It could have been better.

This issue does not affect the performance, fortunately. Fresh Monsters deodorants are dermatologist-approved and safe for people with sensitive skin. It’s natural, so don’t worry about it. I still recommend doing the ‘patch test’ before applying it 24/7. You’re cool after that.

The gummy scent is still where it’s at for me. It’s so vibrant, refreshing, and a breath of fresh air. If you are a teenager, go for it! In a few years, you will be remembering this as a scent of nostalgia. And, you will be thanking me for introducing it to you.

You’re cordially welcome.

They recognized something for which I cared the most- a certified vegan and cruelty-free brand. We don’t support animal torture here, guys, this is important for me.

The ingredients are all plant-based and they are certified by PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals). It’s legit and I loved this step.

Teens and kids or parents, if you are looking for a toxin-free, natural, yummy smelling scent for you or your babies to smell and stay fresh all day, this is the one, without a second thought.

Teen Spirit Antiperspirant Deodorant

First of all, the packaging! It’s so cute, is it even real? This is perfect for my barbie personality or something Regina George would say, pink babes.

If you are a 90s baby, you certainly remember the hype of Teen Spirit deodorants among teen girls. It was first widely famous after the Nirvana song ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit.’ Seems like the packaging is vacuuming everyone’s money now that it’s back.

best deodorant for 18 year old boy

Okay, I’ll stop drooling over that playful pink packaging that almost swops me in. Let’s talk about its utility and what’s inside the packaging that drove it straight to one of the tops.

Teen Spirit is a mixed deodorant based on both synthetic and natural ingredients. The formula has Aluminum formulated safely according to teenage skin types. As I told you, I don’t like Aluminum in deodorant formulas because of the effect it has on our skin.

The team and manufacturer of Teen Spirit confirm that it has been safely formulated in a minimum quantity and causes no harm, even to the sensitive skin types. Aluminum in antiperspirants is known to control underarm sweat effortlessly and to keep it fresh all day.

Other ingredients in the list are no exception to the ordinary ones. Because of the formulated Aluminum in the tube, it never lets your underarm get soaking wet as they get during summer. Teenage boys and girls tend to sweat a lot and have a hard time coping up with that. If not controlled sooner, this cold takes into a stinky case of body odor.

Due to Aluminum, this deodorant happens to be long-lasting. It was initially famous for its packaging but after that, you could smell them from anywhere around the teen girls. This was the unofficial best deodorant for teenage girls. Unfortunately, most of the fragrances are discontinued now, Pink Crush and Sweet Strawberry are still found on the sites.

The price is justified because of the ingredients. One particular character that makes it stand out is its incredible performance to avoid sweat, sweat stains, and white residue for most. This is happening to be one of the major drawbacks for me.

It’s long-lasting and sweatproof because of the formulated synthetic ingredients that it has on the tube. I don’t always vouch for artificial ingredients so if you have sensitive skin (it is safe on sensitive skin), better consult your dermatologist or do a patch test on your skin and see if it works alright.

Other than that, it’s fine by me. I would have placed this at the top of it was all-natural, vegan, and cruelty-free. I didn’t find anywhere that it was not vegan or cruelty-free but since they didn’t mention it, I’m assuming they are not.

It comes in a pack that can save you bucks. I just paved you the way.

Level Up Boys Deodorant

This is something for my boys and my personal recommendation for the tweens and teens! This is exciting and one of my favorite scents on boys. The ultimate best deodorant for an 18-year-old boy or around that phase.

This smells exactly how you would smell after a fresh shower. A very clean fragrance, basically what Tom Hiddleston would smell like in formals if he was a teen.

best deodorant for teenager boy

Before I dig into its ingredients, let’s talk about its utility and performance. This is clinically tested and certified for boys over 8. That’s kinda irrelevant since, under the age of 8, boys don’t usually need deodorants. If they do, above listed deodorants, are safer.

Let’s dive into the ingredient list now. Level up has so much to offer to the boys. Starting as the base, the formula is completely natural and plant-based. This is made targeting young boys, the age group over 8, and sensitive skin types. So, the formula is 100% free of toxins with no aluminum, paraben, or any synthetic material.

Level up has launched the formula keeping the age into consideration. This means teenagers, especially boys (mostly, but girls would rock it too!) is safe from the external reaction from the product. They claimed that the organic people in their formula neutralize body odor-causing bacteria and that’s not a bluff. Hundreds of reviews can stand by it,

It also has Tapioca starch to control the wetness, and it does a remarkable job doing so.

You can already notice, all the ingredients are well put in the formula, but how does all that work together?

Spoiler alert: It almost gave me nothing to complain about.

While the ingredients were teen-friendly enough, the overall formula stays longer than 24 hours. I recommend putting it immediately after showering and moisturizing your whole body.

The deodorant feels like a solid foam conditioner that does not leave any white residue. The starch may stain the underarm cloth and that’s one of the cons that comes with the sweet, sweet product.

The after-shower application gives the deodorant more volume in fragrance. The fragrance somewhat smells familiar like the Davidoff Cool Water, but in a childlike way. And, more long-lasting.

Lastly, about the trait that I care about the most, cruelty-free and vegan. Leaping Bunny-certified Level Up deodorants do not support cruelty on animal and is a cruelty-free brand. They, themselves, clarified and promised to never test their products on innocent animals.

This might be the best deodorant for teenagers in my opinion if you can ignore the slight stain issue. Honestly, this should be labeled as a unisex scent on the deodorant. Who doesn’t love the feeling of freshly out of the shower?

I do. And so does my cart.

Choose the Best Deodorant for Teenage Boys and Girls: The Ultimate Buying Guide

I cannot imagine my days without deodorant. Chances are, most of you relate to me. Deodorants are nice and important, but not everyone has good memories of them. It is not their fault that they dialed the wrong numbers.

Maybe what they lack is a buying guide. The Ultimate Buying Guide.

Here, the narrator (me) will put the limelight on factors that need to be considered before you spend your dear money on deodorants. I already listed all the worthy deodorants above in the recommendation list.

But here, you need to choose your own warrior, according to your preferred quality and price. And, I will assist you to ace your race. So here I go with my first factor-

Look out for the ‘Ingredients’

This whole guide is based on ‘best deodorant for kids’ or on the best deodorant for teens. That’s why the ingredients list has to be taken very seriously.

Teenagers and kids have soft and sensitive skin. I do not recommend harsh chemicals, metals, or synthetic ingredients for their body to avoid accidents. All of my products that are listed are plant-based and mostly made with natural components.

What you can do this, look at the ingredient list of a specific deodorant and see if you are allergic to any of the mentioned elements. Try to do a patch test or ask for a sample before hovering on a full-size product based on its hype.

There is an issue with allergies too. I have seen people use deodorants and get massive allergic reactions minutes later. So, go through the ingredients list carefully and do a patch test on a small area of your skin before going for the whole tube.

If you are cool with that without any sensitive issue, you are good to choose deodorants that will not disappoint you.

Does the fragrance stay long enough?

That’s a very important factor for me, personally. What’s the point of buying a ridiculously expensive, nice-looking, good-smelling tube if the product does not stay on my skin?

Exactly. It doesn’t help.

Just as the fragrance, its durability matters. Always check the hours that it promises to provide on the skin. It’s better to expect lesser durability than mentioned as they can’t always keep up with their words, or, their products react differently on different skin types.

The ingredients have something to do with this. If it wasn’t for teenagers, I’d definitely suggest some luxury deodorants to go for. You choose now that you are a teen!

Prevents sweat, without hiding it

It’s actually important to notice if you have antiperspirant factors in that deodorant.

If I leave that ‘harmful harsh chemical reputation aside’, these ingredients help to prevent sweat. But they need to be formulated into safer formulas for us to use on our skin.

Most of the deodorants try to cover or hide sweats on the body.

I hate when they do that.

Sweat causes body odor, and when these deodorants try to hide the sweat, there happens to be some weird mixture of deodorant fragrance and body odor that’s absolutely awful.

Choose deodorants that help to control and prevent sweats. It’s not easy, but teenagers and children tend to sweat a lot. Do your research on the product and look out for specific ingredients.

Stain marks and White residue

One piece of advice: No stain. Stain marks, either on skin or cloth, are gross and unhealthy. Make sure to look for a deodorant that applies evenly on the skin, preferably an invisible stick with essential extracts.

Some deodorants check all the boxes, yet leave white residue on the underarms. So, after a long day, you’ll find your deodorant stains both on the cloth and your underarm.

Stains are not so easy to get rid of. Clothes need a certain amount of time manually to wash out the stains. For the underarms, if you are wearing sleeveless, it looks weird. And, if you are not, it transfers to the other areas of your skin.

Now if you do not maintain hygiene, or just happen to have pubic hair on areas that you apply your deodorant, the white residue will get stuck on those and there’s really no way to get rid of it unless you want to shave it off.

So, warriors… choose your weapon wisely.

Vegan and Cruelty-free

It can be said as an added requirement, but it’s very important for me that the brand that I’m using does not harm any kind of animal to make products for humans.

This world is equally theirs and I feel so disheartened to think that there are well-renowned brands that test their products on voiceless animals.

The worst scenario is, thousands of animals are killed in the process since they are on a journey to produce safe products for humans.

There are alternative ways to manufacture safe products for humans. I chose to choose those brands that follow the latter procedure.

I think it’s a step with a message that everyone should follow. If you and I stop buying from companies that promote animal torture, the companies will eventually understand the cruel effect. And, maybe, find an alternative one day.

‘Vegan’ is intertwined with the concept of animal cruelty. A brand either goes both or none, so it kind of comes with a package that you get to choose from.

This section will just hint you to choose and customize your needs according to your preferences. As it helped me filter out trash deodorants, I hope you find your desired one keeping these factors in mind. That should be easy peasy.

Frequently Asked Questions about Deodorants!

Deodorants are tricky things! One brand or product won’t suit all. This is evident in the case of Teenagers as well. Each of us might end up having different problems and issues with these things. Naturally, different types of questions will pop up in our minds.

This section will answer some of the uncanny questions of my readers with interesting facts. Keep reading!

At what age should a child start be wearing a deodorant?

Puberty is different for every child and hormones don’t really a cookie-cutting lifestyle. It solely depends on your child. If he sweats and has a bad odor, a teen-friendly deodorant isn’t a bad idea to start with.

Some children start using antiperspirants at the age of 9-10, while others might extend to 14-15. It’s always better to get introduced beforehand if you ask me.

Can a 13-year-old wear deodorant?

Does the 13-year-old sweat and stink? Then, of course, go for it! Puberty doesn’t come with age, as I said in the previous answer. It’s always wise to get a heads up on your child’s hygiene and take decisions on that basis.

What deodorant should a 10-year-old use?

This is a specific question, but the list above can walk through the process. Before that, remember to read the buying guide, I wrote that specifically for you to smoothen the process. For starters, a 10-year-old should never use a deodorant that has alcohol. If you can find unscented ones, GRAB.

Should teens use deodorants or anti-perspiration?

I’d say, tailored according to your own needs! The only difference between deodorant and antiperspirant is antiperspirant controls both sweat and odor. If you are not so concerned about the sweat thing, deodorant is the way to go.

Is Teen Spirit deodorant safe?

Teen spirit deodorants are specially made for teenagers, which means it has to be one of the best deodorants for teenage guys and girls. They claim to have a great fragrance with 24 hours protection and leave no white residue. That’s a nice deal, to be honest. But always check with your dermatologist before using anything.

Is it safe to use deodorant every day?

If you have sensitive and easily irritated skin, this is a bad idea and you should use deodorants every other day. But if you sweat a lot and have body odor, you might want to use it every day depending on the ingredients that deodorant carries. Again, depends on your skin, but all of the recommendations are good enough for this.

Why should you not wear deodorants?

Even though there is no evidence of this, but deodorant is often believed to cause breast cancer. This is the only logical reason to not wear deodorant, that too, a vague cause. Wearing too much is not okay too if your skin can’t take it. I’d suggest going for a non-alcoholic and teen-friendly deodorant till then.

Are unscented deodorants good?

If it was for adults, I would definitely say yes, and would also suggest gel formula like Dry Idea’s Clear gel. As it is for teenagers and children, they are at their peak years of growth so they sweat a lot comparatively. For them, it’s best to use funky and playful natural fragrances. M list as tons of them to choose from!

Let’s End this Discussion Here!

You are at the end of my guide on the best deodorants for teenage boys and girls. If you are still reading this, congratulations! I have covered some of the factors that you should be aware of before you buy ‘the one’ deodorant, but still, it mostly depends on you.

Without deodorant, there remain several health and hygiene-related issues involved as turn bigger as we get older. Yet, the habit should be practiced as early as possible and the recommended deodorants won’t let you down. Good luck!