Best Shoes for High Arches Women’s – A Complete Guide

Why would you need the best shoes for high arches women? Well, like men ladies need a good pair of shoes for different works and sports. There are some other reasons too, but if you think, you go outside occasionally why you need to buy high arch shoes, then you are thinking wrong.

Did you know, our feet absorb 200,000 to 300,000 pounds of pressure during the walk. And the arch takes maximum weight during the motion. If your shoes are not supportive enough according to your arch it might lead to severe foot problems in the future.

Best Shoes for High Arches Women’s

So, if you have a high arch, you need high instep shoes that give you proper support you need. You will feel for ease, get much flexibility in your activities and enjoy the moving actions more.

Best Shoes for women with High Arches

Our editors freely research, tried and trial some best high arch shoes to final some best products that we can suggest you use. It took 82+ hours and ten pairs of different brands of best shoes for high arches women to do this review. So, read to know which items passed the test.

Adidas Women’s Cloudfoam Pure Running Shoe

The Adidas Women’s Cloudfoam Pure Running Shoe is the best choice for every high arch women. It’s very soft and comfortable. It comes with excellent color and texture that goes with every style.

Buy Adidas Women’s Cloudfoam Pure Running Shoe

You can wear this best running shoes for women with high arches with your leggings, jeggings or any other outfits that you find comfy. The upper of this shoes are made of textile and sole with synthetic. Also, it has a comfortable textile lining, repeated Adidas wordmark on webbing heel pull. The main reason for choosing this shoes is for high arch feet is the cloudfoam Memory sock liner molds. It gives your foot superior step-in comfort especially if you have a medium or high arch.

The Adidas Women’s Cloudfoam shoes would be a little hard to fit in your routine if you use them daily running or exercise. These are lightweight shoes with minimal support. You need for more features in sports or exercise shoes. So, you better use is for work, college, walking, etc. its a great pair of shoe for supination too. Also, these shoes loosen up as it gets old. So, order your correct size of feet to get the perfect fit.

The Adidas Women’s Cloudfoam Pure Running Shoe comes with a wide range of colors along with simple texture and design that looks really pretty on feet. Hence, there are many affordable people like to buy more than one pair at a time; it’s that comfortable.


  • Very comfortable to wear.
  • Light and good with walking.
  • Cute and stylish design.
  • Easy to on and off without undoing the laces.
  • Trouble-free washing.


  • Don’t have enough padding for exercise or run.
  • Size is bit big then your actual shoe size.


Brooks Women’s Ghost 11 Shoes for High Arches Women’s

Want a long wearable Best Shoes for women with High Arches that goes with your trendy style as well? Then Brooks Women’s Ghost 11 is perfect for you. It’s designed to support your great high arch feet. The shoes are handcrafted and made with high-quality materials like, mesh fabric and quality rubber sole. It could give better bounce and balance during work.

Brooks Women’s Ghost 11 Shoes for High Arches Women’s

The shoes naturally support your feet from heel to toe. It has 12 mm midsole drop and has DNA loft heel crash pad for ease landings. It is only 9.5 oz or 269.3 grams and supports medium arch as well.

The thing makes the shoes worth for trying is its soft and secure fit. The mesh is stretchable, so it broadens up where the pressure goes high. Its very soft and light though. This newly engineered mesh upper feels almost nothing on your feet.

For the stable ride, its rubber sole with segmented crash pad gives nice balance by integrating shock absorbance. Also, the BioMoGo DNA and DNA loft cushioning work together to provide the right softness during all day long.

The shoes come with a wide verity of color. So all age of women from a different background will find a nice pair of shoes from this model. If you used or heard about Brooks Women’s Ghost 10 or 9 then you can trust this 11 too. Specially Brook 10 was a massive success among ladies with high arch feet.


  • Study but flexible rubber sole.
  • Lightweight easy to walk or run.
  • Don’t get overheated during wear.
  • Simple and nice look.
  • Affordable price.


The toe design is kind of narrow.


What are the best shoes for high arches?

High arch is the condition where feet have high curve in the center and gives a bent look to your foot from a side view. Most of the shoes are made for standard feet that do not provide enough support for those high arch feet. As a result, the feet stress out more and causing discomfort or even ache.

Brooks Women’s Ghost 11 Shoes for High Arches Women’s

So, the shoes you need to wear that could give proper support to the arch and comfort to your entire feet. Look for arch support shoes with thick cushion and adopt the shape of the feet. Also, choose those women’s running shoes for high arches that are breathable as well.

What is the best women’s running shoe for high arches?

The best women’s running shoes for the high arch is the one which offers optimal anatomical arch support. Running shoes or sports shoes need to be flexible. So, in that case, look for a thick adaptable orthotic insole with thick rubber outsole. Cushioning heel pads are also helpful for shock absorbency and better comfort. Its not only adds spring to your steps but also eliminates the stress of your leg.

Buy Adidas Women’s Cloudfoam Pure Running Shoe

What kind of shoes has good arch support?

Nowadays, shoes are made following different structure of feet. So you would find almost every category of shoes that designed for high, medium, and flat arch support. Not only the walking shoes, your slip-on formal shoes can be good at arch support if you know what to look at.

So choose your shoes according to your need. Here we tried to explain what kind of shoes best for what type of work during the day.

  • Sneakers- sneakers are versatile shoes. The best sneakers for high arches are good for an extended period of usage like jogging, workout, boxing practice and so one. You can use it for your school, college or other places of work. Even doctors or nurses prefer sneakers because of their long shift of work where they need to stand continuously for extended period. But you better use bulky padded sneakers for running or exercise. For walking or standing lightweight medium heel sneakers are more accurate.
  • Work shoes- work shoes are a good combo of formal and sneaker. These are made of leather, rubber, or mix materials. These are little heavy but very supportive. It might be possible your office might not opt sneaker/keds shoes as office wearing. And for flat feet, arch support is crucial.
  • Slip-on- these are most minimalist shoes specially made for work or walking. Most elders prefer slip-on shoes even younger people too like this type of shoe. Slip-on shoes are made of various materials that are sturdy but equality flexible. It’s best for people with a full toe.
  • Walking shoes- walking shoes are always a smart choice for high arch shoes. These are light, vast supportive shoes for any feet. Walking shoes are mostly made of mesh. Men and women both prefer walking shoes not only for a walk but also for work or some even at home in winter! These are the most cheapest shoes that you can buy for daily use. If you don’t find the right features in a shoe for arch support, then you have other solution. Just buy proper insole that is made for the particular type of feet.

Can you Overpronate and have high arches?

Have you noticed pain after standing or walking for a long time? Fallen arches or flat feet faces this problem most. Because this kind of feet arch could not absorb shock during walking, so the natural walking motion gets interrupted which result in discomfort. Many flat feet also Overpronates. That means the foot rolls too far inward with every foot-steps.

Thankfully a right pair of shoes can solve maximum issues if you know what you need in your shoes. Correct pair of walking shoes helps you to walk, run or stand without having pain.

While shop for walking shoes for flat feet or with overpronation, anatomic support, and stability that you need. The proper structural design, cushioning, and arch support reduces the vast amount of stress on your feet, knees, hips even from your back.

What is the best running shoe for arch support?

For finding the best running shoes for arch support, first, you have to know what type of arch you are owing. Here is a simple test to explain what kind of foot arch you have. Wet your feet and step the foot into a white sheet and see.

Buy Adidas Women’s Cloudfoam Pure Running Shoe

If the foot-print mostly covers than you have Flat Foot.

If the foot arch filled 2/3 rd, then you have the medium arch of feet which is a most common type.

If the foot arch slightly covers then you have High Arch foot.

Once you know, we will ready to find shoes with good arch support. We will suggest having Brooks Women’s Ghost 11 if you are planning to use it for the long run. It’s great running shoes that anyone could invest on.

Which shoes are best for high arches?

You will find some whose that has thick insole, especially on the arch side to support. Because the arch gap needs to fill so the shock will distribute on the leg equally and you get better support. Shoe brands like Adidas, Nike, Brooks, ASICS, and other brands have some good walking or running shoes for high arch feet. You will find some better high arch support shoes and deal in Amazon.

Brooks Women’s Ghost 11 Shoes for High Arches Women’s

Is high arch Overpronation?

Overpronation is opposite it to pronation. The pronation is the flattening of feet arch when it lands on the land. The flattering surface gives balance and little shock absorption too. When the foot flattens less, your ankle tilts inward toward the mid line of the body, and lower leg muscles help the ankle from rolling inward too far.

People having flatter feet has more flexible arches, and that are more likely to flatten very much. That is called over pronation. This kind of foot offers plenty of its own cushioning but doesn’t retain enough of its formation. So your leg and knee try to pick the job to give support. But this is not the job for these parts to do. So, because of their overwork or stress, they send signals of pain and fatigue.

However, people high arches frequently have inflexible feet. That limited cause motion when the foot undergoes once lands. These feet don’t get that typical shock absorption in the leg and the ground shift again more up in the leg finding someplace to be absorbed. And that place is mostly in the knees, shins or anywhere else.

Anyway, not all flatter feet over pronate, even the high arches may experience this too. Over inward ankle rolling because of instability in the muscles of the lower leg.

Final Thoughts

It will be better if you can give a proper trial before buying any of the shoes. Wear the shoes with a soak or without soak and run inside the shop. Most shoes show actual performance after 10-15 mins of walking. However, it might not be possible for online purchase. So, gather as much info as you can to determine what features a model offering. Especially the customer’s reviews help a lot make a picture about a pair of best shoes for high arches women’s.

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