Best Shoes For Wide Feet Toddlers

Learning to walk is challenging and ill-fitting shoes will make it much tougher. We made a list of some features that must be included in kid’s shoes. Comfortable shoes will not only make your kids’ feet happy but they can also play for a long time without any pain.

Usually, kid’s shoes come with memory foam. Such shoes are ideal for children as children’s feet are constantly evolving. A rigid insole will affect the growth of the foot and there is no guarantee that the effect will be a favorable one. Because the memory foam insoles are soft, they are adjustable according to the foot of the children.


Children grow up very fast. And as they grow older, they learn to walk, to run and to speak. This is why when buying shoes, be careful that there is enough space in the shoes so that your baby’s feet are constantly adjusting. But do not go for a larger size cause it will make your kid uncomfortable.

Best Shoes For Wide Feet Toddlers

A range of sizes available: As children get older, their feet get bigger. So whenever you buy shoes, make sure that more sizes are also available in the same style. Buying the same style and from the same company is a simple way to maintain sizing consistent and prevent an ill-fitting shoe.

Sized for Wide Feet: Children keep changing the shape of their feet. Sometimes they are wide, sometimes they are narrow. That’s why shoes need to be available in a wide size. Finding best toddlers shoes for wide feet can keep your kid comfortable and help in proper foot development

Adjustable over foot straps: Usually children’s shoes come with adjustable straps. Such straps are easy to open and close so children don’t need any help. They can easily wear themselves.

Breathable Materials: Such shoes are very uncomfortable if their material is not breathable. Before buying shoes, be careful that the material of the shoes is breathable.

Choosing Shoes for Kids

Kids’ shoes must have any fastening system like velcro, laces, or any other. Don’t buy slip-on or backless shoes if you are buying shoes for your kid.

Always buy those shoes that are made up of breathable material. The breathable material will help to keep the kid’s foot cool and dry and prevent the foot from discomfort and blisters.

Whenever you buy kid’s shoes, take care that the shoes’ soles are flat. Don’t buy shoes with heels. Shoes with heels are not only bad for walking but also bad for proper foot development.

Look for a textured or pattern sole, as this will offer an appropriate grip and stop your kid from slipping on a slippery surface. Soles of the shoes should be flexible so that it will bend with the feet also thick and strong enough to prevent the foot from any kind of injury and pain.

Once you have got the shoes that are properly designed and fit perfectly on your kid’s feet, let your kid decide which shoes they want. It will help in a good shopping experience if they are choosing a design or color they want.

Shopping Tips for Children’s Shoes

Shopping Tips for Children's Shoes

Shoe shopping should be done in the evening because at that time your feet are in their original shape. If you have no idea what kind of shoe will suit your child, then look for a store that specializes in children’s footwear, because the staff of such stores is trained that how to deal with such customers.

While there are various trendy and cute shoes available for children, it is good to keep away from overspending on shoes, except it is for a very specific event, because kids’ feet grow very fast and new shoe events are always right around the corner.

Always measure the kids’ feet while standing and always measure both feet as it normally happens that one foot is bigger than the other. Get the size that can easily adjust on a bigger foot easily.

While buying a pair of shoes for your kid, also consider that there should about a half-inch gap between the kid toe and the shoe toe.

Children’s feet grow fast due to which parents often buy one size bigger which is wrong. Not it will only make your child uncomfortable but it can also cause problems in foot development.

Shoes that are tight from the back of the heel are annoying, but shoes that are too loose from the back of the heel also cause problems. So always buy shoes that are neither too loose nor too tight by the heel.