The Bike Boot!

Are you tired of your kid always roaming around on the bike and not focusing on other tasks? Are you also tired of your kid leaving the bicycle in the yard and not parking the proper place?

Well, bike boot will become your best friend in this regard. It will make sure that your kid studies, listens to you and it will also make sure that your child gets access to transportation only when you allow.

Bike boot is a wheel locking system which can be used to lock any wheel with a four-digit number.

Bike Boot

You don’t even need keys to put it to function. Do you want to prohibit access to the bicycles, or skateboards or scooters then the bike boot will become the positive parenting power and you will be able to make your kid focus on other things too.

It not only restricts the children but it also teaches them responsibility when they are being careless. Take Back Parenting Power With Bike Lock Here.

Some benefits of the bike boot are:

  1. Easy disciplinary tool: Some kids may be difficult to talk to or difficult to get disciplined, this device acts as an easy disciplinary tool.
  2. Tidies up the yard: Kids leave their bikes or skateboards in the yard and do not put them away properly, with this device, you can make sure that the kids put the bikes in place.
  3. Kids focus on academics and other tasks too: When the kids are out playing or having fun on the bicycle, it is likely that they will not pay much attention to the academics. With boot bike, you can make sure that your kids focus on academics and other stuff.
  4. Reduces frustration: With the kids being irresponsible and careless, parents can become very stressful and frustrated. Boot Bike brings your peace of mind back by making sure that the kids remain responsible and focused.

Boot bike is a way for parents to make sure that the kids are studying hard in school, to make sure that the kids put away their bikes properly and it also helps them become responsible.

Bike Boot

Teens an even preteens, may stay out past their curfew and in this situation, boot bike makes sure that this doesn’t happen.

The mission of the creators of this device was to make the parents empowered so that they can use the positive parenting power for the betterment and benefit of their children.

As they say that an excess of everything is bad, with the boot bike, the parents can prevent excess saying out and can even make the children disciplined and responsible.

To make the boot bike work, all you need to do is to grab the bike boot from its wall holder and then clamp the bike boot on any wheel. Then you can set a 4-digit lock combination and you don’t even need the keys.

Bike Boot

Your kids will spend the whole day trying to unlock it but it won’t be possible without your consent. Whenever you feel that your child performed well, or is well behaved then you can unlock the clamp with the four-digit number with which you initially locked it.

With this way, the keys will never go missing and you will not even have to worry about your kids finding the keys.

This device is great for parents who have children of the ages 4-16 years old, it is also great for teachers, families with a lot of kids, parents who have super excited and active kids, families that are located in suburban areas with large garages, baby sitters, class instructors and even community leaders can use this device whenever they may need it.

Bike Boot

For a baby sitter, this device is very helpful because the kid may not be willing to listen, it is a good way of making the child listen and focus on academics as well.

This device is different from others because it is not designed to punish kids or to have them hate their parents, it is made for the betterment of the kids. This device makes sure that the kids become responsible, disciplined, well behaved and even good at studies. No more spending the whole day in the yard or out of home.