How to Cheer Up a Kid With a Broken Arm and Leg?

The kids are rambunctious, unquenchable, and unstoppable. They are prone to roaming around and playing with things, no matter how rigorous the things are. A kid might get injured while jumping off, swinging, running, or doing something indoor and outdoor.

Their arm and leg are likely to get broken because of their own mistakes and recklessness. It’s common- very few children can escape the injuries. If your boy or girl has been wounded, there is no chance of rebuking or scolding.

Instead, you need to treat him or her cordially. It’s not a time to showcase your anger to them- rather than you have to extend your helping hand to ensure quick alleviation. If you refuse to take care of your beloved kid, it will be difficult for him or her to come round sooner. A doctor is will consult for physical wellness, but you need to be careful of his or her mental health.

In essence, you are bound to cheer your kid up to release depression, aversion, and anxieties. How to cheer up a kid with a broken arm? Follow the below steps to get properly informed of it.

how to cheer up a kid with a broken arm


Why children are often anxious or sad after breaking an arm?

Children get anxious or sad after coming across an injury. Especially, when they have their limb severely broken, they can’t maintain a regular lifestyle. They become confined to bed or chair. The injury prevents them to go to school. They feel cumbersome to move here and there and call on their friends.

As a result, they often feel anxious and depressed. At this distressing period, they find life distasteful and annoying. Even sometimes they go through trauma. That’s why they need special mental support to come back on track as soon as possible.

Steps for comforting a child with a broken arm:

The cure is a long-term process. Depending on the severity of the injury, the kids need to be confined to home for a few days. They are prescribed to stay restricted to get quick physical relief. But during this period, they get through in mental disorders. That is because the injury hampers their freedom and impacts brain.

So the parents should come forward to keep them mentally refreshed and well. How do you comfort a child with a broken bone? In this perspective, you may arrange various sports events that don’t need physical activity. Moreover, you can present nice gifts and feed their favorite food. Just take a glimpse over the following steps to learn more.

Cast decorating kits:

The kids love to decorate stuff by nature. They can pass their time in embellishing an object- it can be a cast. Having adequate gems and a cast, they can have immense enjoyment and pleasure. Whenever they will be immersed in decorating cast with adhesive gems, they surely will forget about the injury pain.

As long as they will get engaged in converting a simple cast into a glamorous one, they will never feel lonely and monotonous. It infers they will be kept cheered if you can provide them with cast decorating kits.

Coloring or painting:

Coloring or painting is an inherent inclination of children. They find huge amusement in coloring paper or painting over any other surfaces. This task can ensure optimal fun and make them pretty much creative.

The sore of accident can never cause deviation to the young people from the artworks- it’s proven indeed. So it’s the best method of keeping the wounded kids cheered up in any circumstances. You can gift them art materials in order that they come round from mental sickness.

Soft toys:

There is no kid but loves toys. No doubt a toy is the best material for passing time for the children. You could make your kids happy, gifting them eye-catching and soft toys. It’s no surprise that a kid stops weeping while getting a favorite toy.

During their grievous period, they obviously feel better with a toy that they always prefer to have. Hence, you can bring it for them to keep them entertained. But keep in mind that the toy is hygienic and free from toxic materials.


Young people tend to cover their skin with tattoos. They feel excited to use charming tattoos across the body. The tattoos might be either permanent or contemporary. For ensuring optimal health safety, contemporary tattoos are ideal for anyone.

A tattoo can be a thrilling means of getting quick relief from the trauma as it incites remarkably to the little ones. As long as they will be concentrated on those, they hardly feel the pain and soreness of injury. So you may reach out to these materials to keep your kids cheered up.

Comic magazine:

Comic magazine paper can also be a productive medium for taking care of the mental health of children during hardship. A good magazine is a great source of entertainment. The kids can be gifted comic magazines to keep them amused for a long time. Seeing the pictures that are laid out throughout the magazine, a child can be incredibly impressed.

The magazine can keep the kid away from thinking of the wounded spot as long as he or she gets drowned in the fantasy world. So you can follow this technique to provide sublime comfort to a kid with a broken arm and leg.

Word games:

The children spend most of their hours playing games. But they can’t take part in the games that need physical activity while they are seized with wound. In this case, you can provoke them to play some brainstorming games that only need the use of mouth and eyes. And word games can be the best choice. It doesn’t require continuous body movement.

Therefore, your kid will not get overwhelmed by the wound. But you might accompany him or her to play such an interesting game. If you’re too busy to do so, you may assign someone else.


Dobble is another household game. It doesn’t require running and walking. But at least, the kid needs to use one arm. If your child has two broken arms, then it’s not appropriate for him or her. In fact, the game might shake the full body a bit.

So it’s not ideal for the guys who are overwhelmed with the soreness. Anyway, it’s a great option for cheering up the injured kids since it matches the personal interest of little people.

Funny cushions:

While an arm or leg gets broken, the doctors prescribe not to shake it ever to ensure a quick recovery. But the truth is that the children can hardly obey the advice of a physician. They prompt to walk on the floor and hang out between the rooms. And it indeed prolongs the curing period.

How to confine them to bed or sofa? Is it completely impossible? Nope; you can make your kid be seated or laid gifting him or her catchy cushions. Funny, appealing, and portraying cushions can entertain the kids and force them to be stable in a specific place for long hours as they are fond of well-crafted cushions.


Are your kids still feeling sores from accidents? If so you can feed them sweet. Sweetmeat will release all soreness, not clinically but virtually. Seriously talking if your child loves to eat sweet, you may gather piles of sweet boxes behind him or her to ensure optimal calmness.

As long as your kids will get drowned in the world of sweetmeat, he or she seldom feels the intensity of the injury. Actually, they will forget about their wound being pleasure at the sight of sweets. It’s a proven trick, you may follow it.

New clothes:

What can you buy for a child with a broken arm? The response is nothing but new clothes. Surely, your kid will be enamored and impressed with the costume they like the most. There is no need to notify him or her of the clothes earlier, rather than you can give it a surprise.

A surprise will also play a crucial role in improving mental health. Having gorgeous clothes, your child will be brimmed to a great extent; that means he or she will never get through the worst situation any longer.

Online streaming service:

In this age of technology, you can for sure get assistance from several technological devices. Mobile phones and iPad can be the best choice by all means. Both the devices are perfect for keeping children entertained and engaged. Basically, when your kid has a broken arm or leg, you may provide them with either a smartphone or an iPad.

But make sure uninterrupted data connection to allow them to visit the visual world. For the kids, the virtual world can specifically be the platform for live streaming. The little children are fond of cartons; hence you may get them connected to several online streaming websites in order that they can enjoy cartoons.

Nail varnish:

It’s one of the best effective ways of charming a kid with a broken arm. But this gift only appeals to the girls. If your girl is injured and off the regular activities, you may bring nail varnish for her to keep her delighted.

Having such an amazing gift, your girl will be blessed with joy and convey you the highest gratitude. The colorful nail varnish will also play a pivotal role to prevent her from continuously looking into the wound.

Pretty hair accessories:

Offering elegant and pretty hair accessories can be another productive option to keep your girls entertained. She will accept the accessories with optimal eagerness and appreciation.

And ultimately, these will allow her to stay quiet and happy overcoming mental pressure. Moreover, she will be less fearful of her bandage and sling, focusing on her appearance after putting the accessories on.

Drinking bottle:

In order to make the healing process quicker, a kid has to drink a decent amount of water. Drinking enough water can aid the kids to get relief from other metabolic disorders as well. So you need to encourage them to drink water more often. You can follow a simple strategy to stimulate your kids to have much water- it’s just buying a beautiful water bottle.

While the children get a new bottle, the tendency of drinking water arises greatly. But keep in mind that the bottle must have a spill-proof lid. Also, you need to be careful about the misuse of water, unless he or she will pour water in the wound what might impact the curing process.

Spending enough time with kids:

It can be the most important step of cheering and curing the kids with a broken limb. Of all the methods, it might make a significant difference in the alleviation process of your wounded kids. You should try to stay in touch with them as long as possible to look after both their mental and physical conditions.

how do you comfort a child with a broken bone

If possible, you can take leave from the office to spend time with your beloved children. A tight working schedule might prevent you from taking leave- in this case, you need to try to reduce your working hours minimum by two or three hours. The more time you will give your kids during such stressing period, the faster they will come round.

Final Words

Children often get broken arms or legs. At this period, they have to stay away from attending classes, taking part in games, mixing with friends, and doing the natural works they used to do. They are bound to stay at home all day long. Even there is no scope to go for outings at all.

With long-term confinement, they feel aversion to their life. Sometimes they get mentally affected terribly. And it might lead them to serious effects in the long run. That’s why the parents should keep them happy and entertained as much as possible.

If your kids have got their limbs broken, you need to carry out several responsibilities; cheering them up can be the paramount one. How to cheer up a kid with a broken arm? As of now, you’ve definitely found your answer from here.

You need to act upon the given formulas to avoid any unexpected issues. These tips won’t cost you much but give you immense outcomes. So try to put the provided steps down on paper and execute them precisely until your kids get completely cured.