Consequences For Disrespectful Teenagers

If you notice your teenagers are behaving poorly, disregarding family rules, and scolding others more often, it means they’re on the brink of being rude adults. You might lose authority over them as they are supposed go astray before long. How to back them on the track? Should you punish them physically? No, it’s not a legitimate approach to teach teenagers a good lesson. Rather than, you need to be somewhat diplomatic and tactical. You may tempt to reach out to some consequences for disrespectful teenagers.

Accordingly to several pieces of research, a consequence does more favor than a brutal punishment. Before applying the consequences, you need to address the disrespects or misbehaves of your beloved children.

Then you need to aim to rectify them by sticking to the consequences that bring positive and immediate outcomes. However, in this article, I’m going to dig deeper into a bunch of consequences that are proven and prescribed to convert a defiant child into a humble one. Let’s explore them!

consequences for disrespectful teenager


List of Consequences for Teenagers

Once you’ve observed your teenagers never fear to roll their eyes when you ask for doing their homework or something else, you need to drive them to some task-specific consequences.

These will allow them to govern themselves in the correct approach and comprehend their misdeed. Being stuck with the consequences, they will certainly regret their disrespectful manners.

Here are some appropriate consequences to raise and improve the behavior of your teens:

Provide a single warning:

At one period, your calm teenagers become rebellious and audacious. They don’t care about your words, refuse to comply with family norms, are prone to make quarrels with others, and so on. Even for a trifling matter, they damage home appliances and rip clothes.

And these rough activities severely hurt you. In this situation, you might tend to smash them up like others. But only beating the teenagers can never bring about a far-reaching and permanent solution. For the very first time, you may desist from being offensive.

Instead, you can warn them out for their misdeed and misbehavior. If your teenagers are not obsessed with an extreme level of arrogance, it might bear fruit in no time. They might abandon their bad habits even having a single warning.

You can try to deal with an angry mood as long as possible to ensure a significant difference overnight. It’s the first step of disciplining your adolescents. If it doesn’t work, you may switch over to the more intensive methods.

Ignore attention-seeking behavior:

Your behavior can play a pivotal role to make your teenagers respectful and polite. Depending on the circumstance, you need to reverse your behavior and attitude to them. Ignoring soft behavior with them can be a safe and productive consequence by all means.

In a word, you need to overreact to them for their unwanted behavior. It’s important to reinforce them a great deal of exiting attention whenever they reject to obey your principles and words.

Whenever they ask you for a favor, you can ignore them in pretend of not hearing. Furthermore, you may maximize the relationship gap with them if they are found engaged in unacceptable tasks.

Always try to notify them of the reasons behind your neglectful behavior to them. It will enable them to get the right messages that you’re endeavoring to send. But keep in mind that you shouldn’t ignore the serious behaviors that might harm them.

Assign extra chores:

Assigning extra chores is probably the most effective consequence for disrespectful teenagers. It’s a wise practice to enforce the bulk of household tasks to them as a part of the punishment. For instance, you may ask them to wash piles of clothes if they violate family rules.

If they refuse to do so, you may stay away from cleaning their clothes, especially the uniform. As a result, they have to go to school putting on dirty clothes and it will hurt them severely.

Moreover, you can ask them to clean up the dishes after dinner or lunch. If they don’t agree to do so, you may stop their meal for a day. Another step that you can follow is letting them refurbish their own bed. As long as you will keep putting in loads of work, they will repent for their mistakes and try to come back to their previous life.

At one time, they could realize their blunder and give up the disrespectful behavior. It will also teach them a good lesson on how they are blessed with family supports and privileges.

Impose money prohibition:

Your growing children might be accustomed to getting money from you during the school days. What if you stop giving them money? They will certainly be devastated since they couldn’t buy their favorite foods. They also won’t afford to participate in a party or go on a long trip with friends if they have no money in hand.

As they are too unable to earn a penny, they will seem thoroughly out of strength and control. They will by no means lead the happy and entertaining life they used to. And it will strike them terribly sooner or later.

After being thrashed by money prohibition, they will come back to you and beg apology for their misdeeds. That means you will find the golden opportunity to bring them under your shoulder applying this consequence.

Whenever they will promise you to give up all of their disrespectful behaviors, you should accept their commitment and give them back the specific amount of money they need. You will see a considerable behavior change you want through this method.

Restrict privileges:

Restricting privileges that your teenagers get from family is a logical consequence. It can be regarded to be the most provoking and impactful consequence too. Following this tactic, you could punish and correct your impolite and irresistible teenagers simultaneously.

For example, you can take away mobile phones, tablets, television, or computer from them if they usually expose their physical aggression. As a result, they couldn’t play video games and watch their favorite shows. They will certainly become resentful and annoyed with their life.

Besides, you can limit the time of staying outdoor. It will prevent them to get mixed with friends for a long time. Ultimately, they will feel bothered and embarrassed not having much freedom in leading a normal life. Minimizing the privilege of using the family car can also be another key method to punish and rectify your teenagers.

After being deprived of having all the privileges they want to have, they will realize the reason behind it. And eventually, they will try to correct themselves and abide by the family rules.

Explain restriction limits:

It’s a bitter truth that your toddlers will not get recovered only having restrictions. Initially, they will never take the restrictions seriously. You need to schedule and explain restrictions limits in order that they get intimidated seeing the duration.

Suppose, if you cut them off the privileges for only one day, they will start showing off the same characteristics again from the next day. That is because a single-day prohibition is manageable and tolerable. It’s not feasible to fulfill your intent until or unless you explain the limits of restrictions.

To illustrate, you have to reveal to them how they can regain their privileges and how long it will take. Whenever they will be clear about it, they will certainly become keen to get everything back overnight. They will have the stimulation to do what exactly they need to find their lives comfortable.

For betterment, you may tell them to give off the offense and start behaving softly. But the restriction period should not be for months. It might make them more rebellious and reckless.

Ask to amend the mistake:

Making mistakes during the period of adolescence is normal. The decent magnitude of behavioral issues can be amended. You can tell your teenagers to resolve the errors they’ve made, no matter intentionally or unintentionally.

Suppose, if your beloved one has broken a home appliance with anger, you may ask him or her to repair instead of rebuking or beating. Besides, you may ask them to sew clothes if they tear them willingly. You also can force them to buy ripped clothes or damaged things at their own cost.

These consequences will shake their brain and allow them to realize the ultimate outcome of committing such heinous tasks. This is an excellent method of making them wise as well. That is because they will never do the same recalling the previous compensation they made.

In a word, you should give them the opportunities for restitution in order that they understand the actual matters. The scope of restitution will encourage them to respect others and be aware of their respective responsibilities.

Follow through the restrictions:

There often happens long-lasting behavioral change to the teenagers. You couldn’t correct them instantly. It needs a long time of perseverance and effort to make a disrespectful teen a calm one. So there is no chance of giving in or giving up. You need to become persistent and consistent with your rules and restrictions.

You are bound to keep imposing consequences on them as long as a single bad habit exists in them. It makes sense that you will face numerous challenges in controlling the manners and attitude of your teenagers, but you will reap the reward for sure.

At one point, you will discover your teenagers have grown well. You will notice no-nonsense in your toddlers. Even their responsible behavior and conversation will surprise you. They will become willing to live within your rules.

Their maturity, discipline, integrity, and politeness will allow you to breathe in the free air. And everything will seem somewhat imaginary to you. So it’s essential to stick to the principles to make your teenagers’ good human beings.

Frequently Asked Questions:

It’s undeniable that an effective consequence can encourage teenagers to change their behavior and attitude. In order to treat them more smart and wise approach, you may take a glimpse over the following answers.

How do you discipline a teenager who doesn’t care about consequences?

Consequences are preferable over punishment. But these might not come in handy for some teenagers. You may embrace a batch of natural consequences for a teenager who doesn’t care about consequences.

Giving a chance of modifying his or her behavior and praising the right actions might be the best approach to deal with them. You also need to be clear about the behaviors you expect before being prompt to discipline a disloyal teenager.

How do you discipline a disrespectful 15-year-old?

A 15 years old teenager tends to be disrespectful by nature. It’s not his or her fault at all; rather than it’s a normal cycle of human life. You shouldn’t just punish him or her. Instead of being offensive, you had better improve your intimacy and stretch your generous mind.

You can remind him or her of the bad effects of disregarding attitude. It’s a good practice to influence a toddler to follow you by giving some stunning presents.

How do you deal with a defiant and disrespectful teenager?

It’s cumbersome to deal with a defiant teenager. He or she will hardly listen to you and obey your rules. Things might be worse unless you take proper steps. Educating and bonding healthy relationships can be the best ways to bring a reckless teenager back on the honesty track.

Besides, you can set some clear rules and regulations and force your teenager to abide by them. Moreover, you can pick your battles wisely and help them make good decisions.

How do you discipline a difficult teenager?

The best way of disciplining a difficult teenager is staying firm and consistent. You need to know your teenager completely and lay down the laws that can indeed bring a positive outcome.

Warm communication can also aid you most to release the troubling behavior of your teenager. But keep focusing on the consequences in order to punish your toddler psychologically.

Final Words For Disrespectful Teenagers

Some consequences are integrated with the original behavior of teenagers. These can impact the overall behavioral spectrum to a large extent. Even the coherent and correlated consequences can demonstrate a significant change to the teenagers who are out of control.

If you can establish and apply clear guidelines in raising and nourishing your children as per your preferred principles and norms, you could definitely make your beloved ones modest, humble, calm, and loyal.

However, a number of consequences for disrespectful teenagers are broken down here to ensure the sublime well-being of your affectionate ones. You may follow them whenever you find it intolerable to keep up with their impatient and defiant behavior.

These practices will also teach them how to achieve self-control and survive in this miserable world. Most notably, the discussed consequences will help your teenagers to be grown as good, respectable, and dignified human beings.