eBook for children: Jax and Sheba get Messy

If you are thinking of buying an ebook for children, read this. What is the best ebook for children? All about children’s ebooks.

What is the best ebook for kids? Is there an ebook for children? Is it good to buy an ebook for my son?

Questions like these are asked by some parents, even more so at celebrations, when many are wondering what is the best ebook to buy or give away.

If you are thinking of buying an ebook for your child, but you have not decided yet, we will tell you the wide benefits offered by ebooks for children.

Jax and Sheba get Messy is one of the best ebooks. A fun new children’s picture book called Jax and Sheba gets Messy by Chris Lewis stares at a robot, a cat, and a dinosaur who get into a sticky mess. Available 15th February 2021.

The first thing we have to be very clear about, despite what many parents may think, is that an ebook reader is better than a tablet, thinking about children.

Keep in mind that we are talking on a device for the little ones to read, not for them to continue enjoying their favorite game or browsing the Internet.

The tablet will allow you to read, yes, but also to be distracted, and what we recommend here.

After analyzing the different current options on the market, our advice is to continue with paper books for the little ones, those who have just begun to read or “read in pictures”

(those wonderfully illustrated editions) and require incentives beyond the letter, to move on later to combine the reader (a common model, Kindle or Jax, and Sheba gets Messy is enough) with paper books, at the child’s own choice.

Remember that we think that the important point is to read, and that pleasure is experienced both on paper and on-screen.