Is Exercise Bike Good for Teenagers?

When kids are taught early “how to exercise” from the beginning, they can enjoy the benefits for the lifetime.

This is especially the case for the teenagers since they have a lot more things going on in their life that can deter them from taking care of their physical bodies.

From hanging out at popular parties with their friends to spending time on the social networks, it’s easy to neglect one’s health today.

So, for those of you who want to know if an exercise bike is good for your teenagers, here are some great benefits that you may want to consider to make your own decision.

Much Easier on Their Joints than the Regular Bike

Unfortunately, there are a lot of different types of exercises that can make life hard for everyone including the teenager.

According to IBC7 Fitness, many of which can be very hard on the joints when the teen is active in sports like team sports, running and other similar sports that people play.

Is Exercise Bike Good for Teenagers?

In many cases, these exercises can be very hard on their little joints. It relates to the impacts that these sports yield on the body.

So, if you want to give their joints a break, the stationary or folding bike can be just what they need.

For instance, based on information that was published by the Cleveland Clinic, the stationary bikes tend to be much better for teens and adults who are more than 50 pounds overweight.

Therefore, to avoid all of the undue stress on their backs, ankles, hips and their needs, teens can benefit from this low impact option as well.

Helps to Burn Calories Fast

When a teen gets on this bike on a regular basis, they can begin to torch the calories fast.

This is because these bikes are designed with a wide range of things in mind. Specifically, for teens who want to burn as much 250 calories or more in one session of 30 minutes.

The number of calories will also begin to increase based on the intensity of the workouts.

For instance, if the teen wants to increase the intensity of the bike by climbing a hill in their interval training, they can burn more calories each time.

Great for the Teens Heart

In some cases, the teen may not be very active at all. This is normally the case when their lifestyle has become sedentary due to the lack of any type of exercise.

Usually, moms and dads can watch out for this kind of behavior and keep it at bay by purchasing a folding bike to assist them with these efforts.

For instance, if a parent would like for their teens to have a healthy heart, they can benefit from exercise bikes and cardiovascular health.

With this type of exercise, the teen can expect a host of great benefits including reducing the episodes of high blood pressure, decreasing the risk of the teen experiencing a heart attack and lower blood sugar so that it is regulated.

Muscles Strengthened

When a teen begins to spend time on their stationary bikes, they will also discover that they have built up muscle in certain areas of the body.

Typically, the main places that benefit from this exercise most include the leg muscles, back muscles, thigh muscles, and the hamstrings.

Each of which begins to get stronger with each push of the pedal. Also, if your teen wants to target specific muscles to build them up, they may want to simulate an uneven bumpy terrain ride from time to time.

Lung Functions for the Teens Improved

Exercise bikes are usually classed in a specific type of exercise group. Mainly, today people refer to these exercises as a part of aerobic activities. Aerobic activities are idea for the body for a number of different reasons.

Therefore, if you are concerned about your son or daughter getting the exercise that they need to improve their lung functioning, this is just the exercise program that can help them to do it.

Most teens enjoy this type of exercise because it helps to improve the oxygen to the body and the lungs.


Is the exercise bike good for teens? According to information published by several credible health tips and medical resources, the answer is yes.

This is because an exercise bike can help to improve a teens lung functions, strengthen the muscles in the body, help to burn calories and assist in reducing the stress and impact on the joints.