Frozen Bath Bomb Review from Lush

Hi, Everyone I am going to be writing the article for Frozen Bath Bomb why we are using this bomb? What is the facility have the frozen bath bomb? If you’re Search good bath bomb for enjoying your spa.  Do you want to dash and play? Enjoy the most mysterious soak in the kingdom with this bright blue bath bomb, which drops out rolling snowdrifts to the plastic-free silver luster. Uplifting neroli of Tunisia and precious rose oil of Turkey is sure to spread a light sunshine and melt the iciest of conditions for the perfect fairytale ending.

Frozen Bath Bomb

Frozen Bath Bomb Review

Here I give a frozen bath bomb review which one help you to make the decision why you buy the frozen bath bomb. Frozen Bath Bomb actual market price around less than $8.99.  Within this Price, Frozen is the favorite for everyone without a doubt my all-time favorite bath bomb from the real Oxford Street exclusives. When they declared that the frozen bath bomb would become a part of the stable stock in all shops, I could not have been any comfortable.A product from Lush that has inspired by a much loved Disney film is in my own princess-obsessed opinion, the best idea that anyone has ever come.

Frozen Bath Bomb Review

I knew upon the release of this bath bomb that I needed to get my hands on it as soon as possible. I would have done anything to get it, and eventually, I DID! All of my thanks go to a Lush Oxford Street employee that went above and beyond to help me get my hands them. Why frozen bath bomb famous for all people, there is my reason. I describe it in the frozen bath bomb review.

The Frozen bath bomb is the soft, pastel-blue with a darker blue streak into it. I guess you could describe it as having a snazzy, dark blue belt. The colors are iconic to the film, I cannot express how happy this bath bomb makes me, I am a loser I know, but it is just so beautiful. We take your shower with this bath bomb you feel like you are in Galaxy. When you put the bath bomb in your tub, It is going to squirting blue dye.

This one is glittery; there’s tons of shimmer just coming out Of this all right guys. It looks like the bath bomb is almost done it broke off into two pieces and they are still fizzing out here on the water is beautiful very vibrant blue, and there is just tons of shimmer in this very pretty.


The frozen bath bomb is Vegan. When you bath with the bath bomb, you feel so much relaxed. The frozen bath bomb is small, but it is too good to enjoy your bath. It is natural ingredients so don’t worry. This bath bomb has safe synthetics.


How to use the frozen bath bomb?

At first, you just fill your bathtub with hot water, then you drop the bath bomb and rest back to enjoy its lovely color and gorgeous fragrance.

Are they for multiple uses or just a one-time thing?

NO, you can’t use it multiple time because when you put down the bath bomb in the warm water. It was going to react with water. After few minute it is gone, but it makes your tub quite blue, and it looks like the galaxy.  So you use one bath bomb only one time.

Does this bath bomb have glitter?

Yeah, this bath bomb has glitter. When you put the bath bomb in the warm water, then it makes your bath quite blue glitter. It looks like the frozen blue galaxy. It is smaller with frozen heart movie.

What does it smell like?

Frozen bath bomb has the lovely fresh floral smell that gives this bath bomb the same scent as the favorite Happy Joy Conditioner.

What is the end result color?

Frozen bath bomb result color is squirting blue dye. This one is glittery; there’s tons of shimmer just coming out Of this all right guys. It looks like the bath bomb is almost done it broke off into two pieces and they are still fizzing out here on the water is beautiful very vibrant blue, and there is just tons of shimmer in this very pretty.

Lush frozen bath bomb

Everyone loves the lush frozen bath bomb because of its smell; it is just a beautifully fresh, clean smell. Many people have said it smells like laundry detergent. If my laundry detergent felt like this, I would be a lot better at getting laundry done! It fizzes once it hits the water. Beautiful streaks of ice blue with white foam fill the tub. It represents the name well. Moreover, the silver shimmer completes the effect. Once it has fully dissolved, you have a beautiful, shimmery, teal ice colored water that’s just amazing. Moreover, the water feels so soft and silky.

Lush Frozen Bath Bomb Review

The smell is so clean and bright. I did feel a lot better, in a much better mood, just by smelling the water. It lingered in the room and on my skin for quite a while, as did the shimmer. The neroli oil takes it over the top. The scent could be annoying without the neroli. Again, this is not for everyone. If you are looking for floral or sweet or earthy, this is not for you. If you do not like shimmer, this is not for you. It is more of a novelty because of the shimmer. However, it is worth it. The shine on your skin will match the happy mood this puts you.

Disney frozen bath bombs

Disney Frozen Bath Bomb was had wholly inspired by the well-known Disney movie called Frozen. You may think controversially about creating a scent with mainly Rose Oil and Grapefruit Oil; however, I can officially confirm the two ingredients surprisingly complement each other quite nicely creating a bitter-sweet floral aroma.

Disney frozen bath bombs

The show that this bath bomb places on in the tub is complete to die for, setting the atmosphere in motion with slow ice blue froth that transforms into continuous streams of ocean blue swirls with a grand finale of tons of silver luster. The lovely Grapefruit and Rose wafts through the air leaving your senses at real peace.

Words cannot truthfully describe the jaw-dropping performance Frozen displays. It is fantastic! Additionally, the bath bomb has filled with Snowflake Luster and Silver Glimmer Luster. The unique smell lasts for what I feel is forever while you are soaking.

Frozen Bath Bomb Demo


The frozen bath bomb is the latest bath bomb you can buy the bath bomb from Lush. It turns the water a pastel blue and smells sweet, but not too high. There’s a light amount of glitter in it. Your skin feels nice and soft, and best of all it was a perfect soak.