How much baby clothes and shoes to buy?

Preparing for your new arrival can be exciting and stressful at the same time. With so much to prepare, parents often miss out on things that they should have arranged before time. One thing that new parents struggle with is the number of clothes and shoes that they should have for the newborn baby. Although it is quite difficult to estimate the exact number of clothes and shoes you would require, but with some pre calculations, you can get an idea about how much is too much.

In this article, we will discuss the number of clothes and shoes that parents should have before the arrival of the kid. There are different factors like weather and laundry routine that affects the number. Since your baby grows quickly and there is a chance that he/she might not manage to fit into the same size in a couple of months, you need to plan accordingly.

How much baby clothes and shoes to buy

The first thing you need to do is to analyze the laundry routine that you have. This makes a big difference about how many clothes you need to have in hand. If you wash clothes every other day, you might not need to have too many clothes. But if you wash clothes once a week, you might require twice as many clothes as a daily washer would have. The next thing you need to consider is the size of the clothes. Try getting different sizes for 0 to 3 months old babies. Since your baby will outgrow quickly, you need to have sizes available for at least a 6 months old baby. is a global wholesale children’s clothing supplier in Poland. Also, is a Poland based wholesale children’s footwear supplier! Our clothing and shoes wholesale supplier in Poland takes care of direct things import.

Seven Bodysuits:

Usually, a count of seven bodysuits is considered to be a good count. Even if you wash clothes on a daily basis, you would require to have seven bodysuits. This is simply because babies mess up their clothes more often. Be it poop, spilled food, or vomit, you will have to consider changing the complete suit. Having at least seven bodysuits will ensure that your baby never runs out of clothes. Even those who wash clothes every week would have some clean clothes in hand, even in the worst cases.

3 to 5 pants:

Although babies don’t wear pants more often, it is handy to have a few pants in the wardrobe. There can be unseen circumstances where you can run out of bodysuits. In that case, you can pair these pants with simple t-shirts. Even in chilly weather conditions, these pants will help you keep the baby’s legs warm.

A couple of hats:

A pair of hats is also necessary. Doctors suggest covering the heads of the newborn babies, no matter if it is winter or summer. Beanies with fleece are best to keep the head warm in chilly weather. However, if it’s summer, you can have cotton made beanies. So stock at least two hats for your baby.

Four pair of socks:

This count can vary depending upon the weather and the kind of clothes you have for the baby. If it’s cold and you have pajamas with socks, you might not want to have many separate pairs of socks. In any case, get four to five pairs of socks along with other clothes. Even in warm weather, you have to ensure that your baby’s feet remain cozy in socks. The tip here is to get all socks in one color and design. This way, you don’t have to match different pairs of tiny socks. For the winter season, you can consider having more pairs of socks.

Two booties:

Babies don’t need shoes, but having two boots will help you to provide extra warmth to the babies’ feet. Even if you need to travel along with the baby to the doctor for a medical checkup, it is good to have your baby’s foot covered with boots. Make sure that the boots that you get for the newborn are soft. They don’t need boots for the walk but just need to have an extra layer on foot.

These numbers can vary depending upon the budget, lifestyle, and aesthetics. However, this list is good to give you an idea about the minimum number of clothes you should have before your baby arrives.