How to Lose Thigh Fat For Teenage Girl (Sound Guidelines That Work!)

If you’re a teenage girl, excess fat on the thighs can give you an awkward shape. It can also make you slower while running and hold you down while jumping, meaning that all the physical activities will be compromised to a certain degree when you’re not working out those thighs well.

But how to lose thigh fat for teenage girl? This issue can be countered by having a clean diet and increased physical activities like exercises or sports.

Not being physically active and having an unplanned diet is the root cause of issues such as this. Let’s look at how you can deal with it!


Easy Steps On How to Lose Thigh Fat for Teenage Girl

Losing thigh fat is easy if you can perform resistance training routinely. And if you add a low-carb diet to the equation, things will become easier.

But it requires tremendous effort. Resistance training, for instance, can be physically demanding. And for people who aren’t much familiar with physical activities, things can get even harder.

how to lose thigh fat for teenage girl

So, it is better to start slow but never forget to be consistent.

Resistance training should focus on whole-body workouts or muscle strengthening exercises. Lower body workouts like set-ups and wall sits can help you tremendously.

Running is one of the common exercises that everyone can do. You can burn up to a whopping 590 calories if you run for about 1 hour!

You can also make it more effective with stairs. Climbing stairs work your thigh muscles to a certain degree. You have to push your entire body weight up with each step, which puts intense pressure on the thighs.

Furthermore, walking on the sand can give fitter thighs too! Although it seems a bit strange upon hearing, some studies prove that it helps.

If you happen to live close to a beach, try walking there for 15-20 minutes each day. When you get adjusted to the sand, you can extend your workouts on the beach.

Moreover, you can maximize the workout impact by adding in a low-carb diet. You can have plenty of leafy vegetables, nuts, and tons and tons of fruits.

The diet can also include lean meats and protein options such as chicken breast meat, eggs, and fish!

Well, if you can follow these simple steps, your thighs should come into a desirable shape.

What Causes Inner Thigh Fat and Even The Outer Thigh Fat?

Extended calorie intake, genetics, and gender can contribute to increasing thigh fat.

Before addressing the solution, let’s discuss the reasons behind having too much inner thighs fat.

More Calorie Intake

Although, having a certain percentage of fat is required to keep the body going and protect the bones and organs. Surplus fat can have a seriously negative impact.

And one of the major reasons your thighs are getting bigger is because your daily activities or regular exercise don’t burn the calories you’re taking in.

Genetics and Body Composition

So, now to the question, why is the thigh storing more fat than the other areas of the body?

Well, your genetics have something to do with it. How your body will be shaped is largely determined by genetic functions. No wonder children resemble their parents to a certain degree. Similarly, your things getting bigger than other areas may have something to do with genetics.


Male and female bodies aren’t built similarly. The female body stores excess fat in the lower body areas, namely, hips, thighs, and belly fat.

As the female body is designed for reproduction, the excess fat would aid while they carry the baby.

Well, perhaps these are the few reasons as to why your inner and outer thighs are getting bigger.

What Foods Cause Thigh Fat for Teenage Girl?

Having the right foods and avoiding fatty foods can help you control the thigh fat.

It’s best to avoid high-calorie foods like sugar, red meat, and pork if you want leaner legs.

If you’re dependent on soybean oil, it’s perhaps time to switch to healthier oil alternatives like olive or nut oils.

Well, these are the few things that can increase thigh fat.

Apart from them, over-consumption of any fatty foods, i.e., cheese, mayonnaise, processed meat, and fatty areas of meat, can also lead to increased thigh fat.

What Foods Help to Lose Thigh Fat for Teenage Girl?

If you want a fat-reduced diet plan, you can have plenty of greens, fruits, whole grain, and brown rice in your diet for better results.

You may run short in energy while on a diet. On the other hand, consuming calories can lead to a body fat increase. What’s the solution, then?

Add plant-based healthy foods like whole grains or brown rice to your diet as clean carb alternatives to keep the body recharged without increasing fat levels. They’re filled with health benefits that help you grow without causing many issues.

The green vegetables are rich in highly effective chemical compounds that can cleanse your body. They’d also reduce your hunger, so you don’t end up having fries or other junk food.

Following these dietary changes, you can get both toned thighs and thinner thighs and lose fat.

What is the Best Exercise for Girls to Lose Leg and Thigh Fat?

There are certain exercises like indoor cycling or squats if you want to get the thigh in shape.

Besides all these, you can also try resistance training, aerobic exercises, cardiovascular exercises, vigorous aerobic activity, and other serious physical activities to achieve smaller thighs.

Well, these are some of the exercises you can try to get your thigh in shape and stay healthy.

What is the Fastest Way to Lose Thigh Fat for Teenage Girl?

Well, we talked about different ways to lose thigh fat fast. But how do you get the results faster?

This can only be achieved by having a quality diet and a consistent exercise routine.

Here are some of the ways you can try.

Combining Both Diet and Exercise

The first thing that you should do is, get both things done at the same time.

For instance, if you’re working out every day but having more calorie intake than the exercises can burn, it won’t impact you.

That’s why we recommend you to have a clean diet and follow a quality exercise routine to reduce total body fat.

One thing to remember while doing all these is, don’t put too much stress all of a sudden; it can weaken the entire body to a certain extent.

You’re already taking in a lower-carb and calorie intake; if you work out more than the required amount, it can create a calorie deficit and lead you to a complete physical breakdown.

So, whatever you do, do in moderation.

Increase Activities

Going to the gym or working out at home may seem like a daunting task if you don’t feel motivated.

Well, you can ease things up a bit.

Try to engage yourself in fun activities that can help you cut body weight.

Getting the household chores done faster can put some strain on the body and break a sweat.

Similarly, dancing or running and other similar activities can also offer positive benefits.

On top of that, engaging in sports is one of the easiest ways to get the thigh muscles in shape. (no wonder you’d find the soccer players to have the best-looking thigh muscles).

We’re suggesting different activities because it may seem extremely difficult dragging yourself to the gym every day.

On the other hand, engaging in fun and physically challenging activities will get the job done with the least stress.

Calculate What Goes in and Out

Finally, the thing that you should focus on is counting calories. Calculate the number of carbs and calories you’re going to consume.

And make sure the daily workouts you perform burn up more calories than the amount you consume. This is the golden rule for weight loss overall.

How to Lose Thigh Fat for Teenage Girl Without Exercise?

Well, there are always those who like to get things done with the least effort.

If you want to reduce thigh fat without exercise, you can use three different methods: drinking tons of water, having a healthy diet, and cosmetic surgeries.

If you don’t work out much, you should have a minimum diet and drink lots of water. Water prevents fluid retention, decreasing the possibility of fat being stored on the thighs.

The last option out there is cosmetic surgery. Despite being perhaps the easiest way to get fat out of your system, this isn’t something we recommend until and unless your doctor is asking you to do it.

Final Words

Our highly researched guide has shed light on some of the most effective ways to get the thigh fat in check. We’ve shown dietary and physical guidelines that can work well to begin fat loss.

Combining your fat reduction exercises with a low-carb diet would get the job done in the shortest possible time.

So, always try to focus on both while maintaining physical well-being.

If you can balance these two elements, you’ll surely witness exceptional results.

So, what are you waiting for?

You’ve now learned how to lose thigh fat for teenage girl. Start your own journey right now and see the results faster than you’ve imagined!