How to Make Slime with Dish Soap

Do you not have shaving foam or eyewear in your home and are the stores closed? Then make this slime with dish soap recipe something for you. Slime can also be made very easy with detergent. And who does not have any detergent in the house? The type of soap does not matter when using slime with dish soap. It must only be liquid. Your slime naturally gets a tan if you use colored detergent. So lets start how to make slime with dish soap and glue.Learn here How to Make Slime with Dish Soap and Glue

What do you need to make slime with dish soap?

  • Liquid craft glue, white or transparent (125ml)
  • Liquid dish soap, color does not matter (10 ml)
  • A medium-sized container
  • A plastic spoon or spatula
  • Edible coloring, for example in the baking department of the supermarket, start with a few drops and see what the effect is.

First of all, when making slime with dish soap, you put all the glue in the bin.

Then pour in the dish soap and stir the glue and the soap well together.

Now you can stir the dye through it. If you have used a dish soap with a color, that of course also works. To enhance this color, use the same shade, but of course, you can also mix. If you have pink dish soap and you do blue dye, you get purple foam. Here you can experiment with slime with dish soap.

Now it is important that you stir everything very well. It should not be too sticky in structure. If so, add some liquid detergent or dish soap. The stirring takes a while, you can also set a timer in five minutes. Then you know for sure that you have stirred long enough.

And if your arms are tired of stirring you can start squeezing. To get your slime with dish soap really good slimy, you have to squeeze just as well with your hands. At first, it will still stick to your fingers, but if you hold on, you will see that it is becoming slimy and you can play better and better with it.

Now that you’ve stirred and kneaded your arms and hands completely, you can start playing with your homemade slime with dish soap. Kneading, rolling up, making molds, throwing … lots of slimes.

Tips & Tricks

  • If your slime becomes too sticky after a while, add some dish soap.
  • Smear your hands with hand cream before you need, then it will stick less to your hands.
  • Use in case of slime with dish soap make If you give your slime a festive touch.

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