How to Make Slime out of Glue Shampoo and Toothpaste

Every kids, teens or adult love to make slime out of glue, shampoo and toothpaste but they don’t know how to make slime out of glue.

However, the recent reports have suggested that some slime ingredients are not safe kids, so parents are too worried about it. But for this reason, we can’t still have fun.

If you’re looking for make slime by the safest way then you can try this (slime out of glue, shampoo and toothpaste) three method.

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How do you make slime out of glue?

For making slime out of glue you can use Brown Sugar Slime. Its easy and safest way of doing fun.


  • A Bowl Some
  • Dish Soap
  • Brown Sugar

First of all, take the bowl and dish soap, add as much as you want and add a little bit of brown sugar.

how to make slime out of glue

Now mix that up and add more if you need. Keep mixing its take some time for well combined.

Now let stand for two days or you can play with right away you have to keep one hour in the freezer.

After two days or one hour, it should be slime. Now you can add whatever colors you had to use.

How can you make slime out of shampoo?

To make slime out shampoo you can use Hand Soap for nice slime.


  • Bowl
  • Hand soap
  • Sugar

First of all, you have to add a couple of hand soap(once again your desired amount). Now add a little bit of sugar then go ahead and mix it up(you can add more sugar if you need too).

how to make slime out of shampoo

Hope it should start to form of slime but it’s not done yet. Now let’s stand out for 2 days or freezing it for 1 hour. After 2 days or 1 hour of freezing, you should have a nice slime (you can add food coloring). Now you can play with it.

How can you make slime out of toothpaste?

Making slime out of toothpaste you can choose Shampoo and Body wash. Its super easy slime and awesome too.


  • A Bowl
  • Shampoo
  • Body Wash

Firstly take the bowl and put some shampoo in their (as your desired amount). Don’t worry it doesn’t matter what type of shampoo you use.

how to make slime out of toothpaste

Now get body wash, add less than the shampoo. And now mix it up and you can add more body wash if you need too, mix it, it should form of little slimily. Let’s stands for 2 days or freeze it for 1 hour again.

After 2 days or 1 hour, it should be nice slime and its color will be well.

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Now its your turn to make slime out of glue

Hope you enjoy this guide to make slime out of glue, shampoo & toothpaste. In this slime recipe’s ingredients are available at home so you don’t have to worry about it.

TIP:  You can add a few drops of saline solution in your hands before picking up the slime from the bowl. It will help you with the initial stickiness of the slime. As you need the slime it will become less and less sticky.

And you can store your slime in a container for reuse.