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We all have heard of Spa, a traditional Spa where people go to get a Massage done for a tired body.

Recently Medical Spa’s also known as Med Spas have also come up which are a transition from the usual traditional Spa to a medical clinic or center.

These Spa’s aim to strike a balance between the two with the calming and rejuvenating feeling to a qualified expert who is equipped with the best technology and procedures.

Medical Spa for Advanced Skin Care

Services at a Med Spa

Most Medspa offer services that were once part of Advanced beauty Parlour or Massage parlors along with many other different services. Some of which may include

  • Facials, Derma peelers, chemical Peels or Micro-dermabrasion
  • Fillers- Facial Fillers and Botox treatments
  • Temporary and Permanent Eyebrow @Aesthetics clinic using micro medical-pigmentation, tattoo removals.
  • Medical pedicures for specific foot and toe ailments
  • Laser treatments for hair removal
  • Sclerotherapy-Treatments for Varicose and Spider veins
  • Zone therapy or reflexology involving pressure therapy to foot and hands.

Identifying a Med Spa

Traditional Spa’s are mainly and mostly run by Beauticians or Practitioners with training on Beauty aspects and Massage, while on the other hand Med Spa’s are run by Qualified Physicians explicitly trained on the medical aspects of the Services involved.

Med Spa’s mainly have concerns on the issues which Beauty Parlours or Cosmetic Creams can’t Deal with.

They deal with more advanced procedures like discoloration of the skin or treating wrinkles with more advanced therapies like peels, botox, or Laser. 

The main difference between a day spa and a medspa is the presence of a physician.

Medspa treatments, on the other hand, focus on more complicated issues such as widespread discoloration and wrinkles.

These treatments include deeper chemical peels, injections (such as Botox), and laser treatments.

How to open a Med Spa

  1. Have a vision and put it to writing for a clear cut idea
  2. Use professional/medical partnership for the services which you view to offer
  3. Get a Medical Spa Licence
  4. Buy or Lease a good location
  5. Get the desired equipment
  6. Chalk out the treatments to be delivered and the methodology
  7. Hire and train the staff for the procedure
  8. A protocol handbook

Risks involved at a Medical Spa

Any business comes with its pros and cons, and one must consider the ifs and buts before getting into the Medical Spa business as quite often we hear that owners have been arrested or acquitted for malpractice/ treating people without a registered license.

While envisioning the business, always make sure that your staff have a valid license and are adequately trained to carry out the procedures.

Never allow the front line staff to talk or unlicensed or untrained personnel to give any form of tips or advice.

It is the job of a Medical Professional, let them handle the patient.

Med Spa Alpharetta has trained, skilled, and doctors that have a considerable amount of experience and can treat patients with care and diligence.

When to choose a Medical Spa

You are a regular at a traditional Spa, and now you are looking for something special that conventional Beauty treatments don’t or can’t offer; also you would hate to go under a knife or any other medication that is done at a Doctor’s Surgery or Clinic Med Spa.

Alpharetta comes with an added advantage of beauty with technology with long-term benefits with a top-up of expert medical advice.

  • Med Spa Alpharettaoffers
  • Soothing/Relaxing environment        
  • Advanced medical/Professional technology
  • Over the edge procedures and technology
  • Treatment of Various Long- term Health issues

If we say that it is not selfish to love yourself, take care of yourself, and make yourself a happy person, then we are not wrong.

We should make ourselves a priority to be happy, and for this, we should take a dive into med Spa Alpharetta and rejuvenate ourselves and restore our energy.