5 Things to Consider Before Buying Gifts for Teens

Among the most difficult things, it’s selecting a gift for teens; you never know what they feel about the things. It is impossible to know what they need or what are their considerations in choosing something as gifts. If you are buying something as sleeping bags or frames, that may be too childish for your … Read more

Tips for Backpacking with Toddlers

Here is the best tips for backpacking with toddlers

Backpacking with toddlers can get really messy, noisy and it will probably require twice the effort that you’d need if you were hiking alone. On the brighter side, it also gives you an opportunity to create beautiful and lasting memories. Backpacking means getting to share an exciting and unpredictable adventure with your little one. Sure, … Read more

Top 6 Hair Loss Conditions Found in Kids & Teenagers

teenage hair loss

My name is Shuna Hammocks, and I am an experienced Consultant Trichologist with over 17 years experience in hair loss treatments. Due to a recent increase in enquiries for teenage hair loss conditions, I thought an article was due on this topic. Often parents contact me with concerns for their “tweens” and “ teenage” offspring. … Read more