Top 17 Awesome Party Games for Teenagers

Party games for teenagers can turn a boring party into an exciting and cool teen party game that every teen will love. Nowadays, parties are very common. Everywhere and everyday teens are doing party. And, most of the parties are boring or the same theme like go, stand and eat. After that, come to the home.

So, the teenagers need a way to enjoy the teen party and games their life. And, in this case, teenage party games can help them and make their party enjoyable.

Everywhere the party games are becoming very popular among all types of teens. The teenagers need a way to enjoy the party and remember it as a good memory.

Party Games for Teenagers

Now, planning a party with your teenager friends and others? Yes! You can make your party more fun and exciting that all your friends will enjoy and love. The way to make teenage party fun is by the teenage party games.

And, in this article, we have discussed some best party games for teenagers. So, read the article below and find the Party games for teenagers that will make your party awesome.

Top Party Games for Teenagers that you must play!

Party games for teenagers are too much fun. But, let’s give an idea about the teenage party games. Actually, party games are games that are played as a part of a party. The party games are played to facilitate interaction and provide entertainment and recreation at social gatherings. The party games can be both indoor and outdoor.

Party games for adult

You can play those party games at any party and any place. And, in the below, we are going to tell you about some exciting Party games for teenagers.

We are going to tell the rules and playing methods of those games. So, select a few fun games from the below and make your party an unforgettable hit that no one will forget.This can also be a fun Minute to Win It Games.

17+ Fun Teenage Party Games

1. I AM

It is a very popular teenage party game. You can play this game easily at any place. This game is so exciting too. Actually, it is a fun impersonation teen party game to start your party. In this game, every player selects a person to impersonate.

This can be anyone like parents, celebrities, and teachers. The participants write the person’s name on a paper whom they will impersonate. And, everybody will place that paper in their own pocket.

Now, one by one will start impersonating and the rest will guess. The person will get the most impersonations correct will win the game and will get the prize.


Party Games for Teenagers

This is another fun teen party game from birthday party games for adults. For this game, you will need two decks of cards and 5 – 10 small wrapped gift prizes. Now, everybody must sit in a circle.

Then pass the cards from the first deck to everyone one at a time until all the cards are finished. After that, take the second deck of cards and call out each card as you pull them from the deck.

Now, the person who has the matching card from the first deck of cards will pick a prize. It will continue until all the prizes are finished. Now, the fun will begin with remaining cards.

You can steal a gift from anyone else who holds a gift when a card you hold is called.


It is a teen party game that nobody will forget from others hilarious teenage party games.

Now, Start at the toe of a pair of pantyhose, fill with a half a cup of flour, tie a knot just above the flour, and cut it. And, continue making snowballs all the way up the leg.

You must make at least 2 snowballs for each player. Now, have a snowball fight with all the players.

All snowballs can be used several times before it pops. You play it free or make a team. Both ways will be fun.


To play this party games for teenagers 17+, you must need many balloons. I recommend using black balloons.

Now, fill 1/3 of the balloons with some slimy, gooey, sticky stuffing. And, fill 1/3 with candy and the last 1/3 with money notes or notes with prizes.

Now, hang a rope in the garden between two tall objects and attach all the balloons to the rope. All the players will line up at the same distance and will get a sharp object.

Now, all players will run and pick for puncturing the balloon at the same time. After puncturing, some will get candy, some will get prizes, and some will cover in goo.


The watermelon pool race is a fun pool teen party game to play. It is a different game from others party games for tweens At first, arrange two watermelons.

Party Games for Teenagers

Then, cover those two watermelons with loads of petroleum jelly. All the players must divide into two teams.

Now, place those two watermelons in the water and have the two team’s race across the pool with their watermelons. This game is so cool.


This is the perfect party games for teenagers 17+. Have a plan for costume party where everyone must dress like their favorite rock star or music celebrity!

Party Games for Teenagers

On that costume party, you can arrange a costume contest. And, announce that the person who will get the highest vote will win and will get a prize.

And, the best part is the ROCKSTAR must sing a song of his/her favorite ROCK STAR style.


At first, sit in a circle. Now, every player will hold a plastic spoon in his or her mouth with the spoon part sticking out. Then, the peanut will place on one player’s spoon and the game will start.

Party Games for Teenagers

The players must balance the peanut on their spoon and pass it on to the next person’s spoon. If a person makes the pass without dropping the peanut he or she will stay.

And, if he or she drops it then he or she will be out. The last two players who will remain in the game will win.


It is a fun teen party game to play and also very funny game to watch more than others party games for teenagers indoor. At first, hang 20-40 or more balloons in two colors from the roof at different heights.

Now, you must attach two pins into two hats or caps with tape. The pins should be sticking out of the top of the hats.

Then, divide into two teams and each team chooses a color. And, will get 15 seconds to pop as many balloons of the team’s color they choose with the pin in the hat on their head.

The team who will pop all the balloons first will win.


We all know this game. It is a very common party game for tweens. This game can be fun if you think something creative and add your idea to it.

Party Games for Teenagers

Like, fill a bowl with loads of dares and funny things to do that are written on little pieces of paper. But for play this game, everybody must sit in a circle.

Then spin the bottle in your circle of friends and whoever the bottle lands on must collect a dare and entertain everybody.


This game is more exciting and fun than spin-a-dare. Now, if you plan for a dance party, then call up people one at a time and tell them to collect a truth or dare card or a note from the bowl.

Party Games for Teenagers

The person who gets the truth or dares card must perform the dare or funny action that is written on that paper.

That person must perform his/her action in front of everybody that whom are dancing.


It is a messy teen party game. In the party, every guest receives a paper plate with a piece of bubble gum. It will be topped with a big blob of whipped cream.

Party Games for Teenagers

Now, everybody must put their hands behind the back. Then, they will start digging in with their mouth to find the bubble gum.

The person who will find it first will win the game.


This is a fun competitive teen party game to play while you are waiting for your last guests to leave the party.

Party Games for Teenagers

I think you also like these type of group party games.It can be fun for the teenagers who don’t love dancing in the party. It also can be played on the side of the dance floor.

At first, tape two raceways with a few layers of sticky or putting tape on a flat surface like floor or table.

Now, two opponents will use straws to blow the Ping-Pong balls from one end of the track to the next in this race. If the ball is blown over the edge of the track, then start over.


This game is very enjoyable to play in the group party games. At first, everyone must stand in a circle.

Now, the first person places the cucumber between their knees and turn to the next person. And, pass the cucumber on.

Party Games for Teenagers

But, this person must now take the cucumber to their knees. Do it again and again.

Now, if you drop the cucumber while passing it on, then you are out. And, if you are tall and you are passing it, then you must figure out a way to pass the cucumber with your knees.

Actually, you can bend down with the cucumber so that the shorter person can take it with their knees.

And, if you are short, then you will have to jump to get it between your taller friend’s knees. The last cucumber squeezer standing will win the game.


To play this indoor party games for teenagers, everybody must sit in a circle. Now, one person in the center is blindfolded and spun around a few times by others.

And, the people who are sitting down will get up and switch places to fool the person in the middle. Now, the person in the middle must now feel their way around with a wooden spoon or a rolled up newspaper.

Party Games for Teenagers

Then, find a person and sit on their lap. Once on the person lap, the person who is being sat on must now identify himself by saying “QUACK-QUACK” with a different voice.

Now, the person sitting on his lap must now guess whose lap he/she is sitting on. And, if they get it right, they switch places and the other person must go into the middle. Now, continue it. This game is fun.

15. The Mummy Challenge with Toilet Paper

The rule of this game is to divide into two or three teams at first. Now, every team will get a roll of toilet paper and picks one person to be the “mummy”.

And, in this game players must use a clock. At the time, the clock will start all the teams have to wrap their mummy using the whole roll of toilet paper.

Among all the teams, who will roll up their mummy fastest and the team who has the most creative mummy will win the game. Do you like this type of party games for adults large group?

16. Eat the Donut

This party games for 12 year olds and it is so much funny and sure is tasty. At first, thread one donut for every two people through a thick piece of string.

Party Games for Teenagers

Now, hang the string between two trees. Everybody must divide into boy/girls pairs or teams. Then, start the game that who can eat their donut first without using their hands or arms.

Now, if the donut will fall on the ground, the team is eliminated. And, the pair who will eat the donut first will win the game.

17. Musical Chairs

This party games for per-teenagers remains the game that we all have played when we were kids.

Party Games for Teenagers

But, this game can be more exciting and fun because you are now older. At first, create a song playlist and have one person to control the music’s starting and stopping.

You can also make some rules to make this game even more exciting to play. Like, as long as you’re on a chair with your feet off the ground when the music stops then you’re safe.

My Last Word For You Teenagers

In short, the Party games for teenagers are totally awesome and unforgettable. And, party games can make any teenage boring party into a funny and cool party. In the above article, we have described some party games.

Those party games are not only for birthdays. You can play those party games at any teenage party. And, we guarantee you those are the best teenager party games ever.

We hope you have great fun in the party and visit us for updates about party games for teenagers.

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