Play Therapy: How Can It Help Struggling Children?

Many adults undergo talk therapy when they seek counseling from a licensed therapist. In the same vein, children sometimes need an outlet for their frustrations, which is why play therapy is a mode of channeling distress.

Children often don’t have the vocabulary to express their troubles as they’re too young, but talk therapy employed by a therapist at Clarity Chi can help young children open up and express the emotions they feel.

Toys are used in play therapy and the way that the different toys are handled becomes the language a child speaks to their therapist.

Regular interaction with a therapist using this method will naturally develop a level of trust while providing an outlet for healing.

Play Therapy: How Can It Help Struggling Children?

By allowing children to play naturally, therapists can understand several things such as behavioral patterns, emotions, and inner conflicts.

Children are also able to develop healthy habits through play therapy such as sharing their emotions, honing critical thinking and communication skills, and self-respect.

Play therapy is most commonly used on children between the ages of 3 to 11. This form of therapy can help address any concerns about a child.

Concerns can range from depression and familial conflicts to difficulties at school and anxiety.

Play therapy is a safe and proven effective method for helping children handle stressful situations in their lives.

From sibling rivalry to problems with school peers, play therapy can help lessen the anger, depression, and anxiety involved with such stressors.