Fun Quizzes For Teens (Girls and Boys)

Teenagers are constantly on the go and need entertainment. They are keen to learn new things and know how to have a good time. They also desire to stay sharp so they can succeed in school and in life. That’s why they love knowledgeable and fun quizzes.

With a short quiz session, they can solidify their understanding of several topics. They can earn huge insights and knowledge by sharing ideas and views during the quiz period. Most importantly, they find their life thoroughly colorful and blessed whenever they deal with some fun quizzes.

However, if you’re seeking some funny quiz ideas, you’ve landed in the right place. In this article, we’re going to break down a few fun quizzes for teens that can keep them entertained all along. Let’s dive into the context!

Fun quizzes for teens (girls and boys)

A list of fun quizzes for teens:

There’s nothing like a good quiz to pass some special time and test knowledge. Here are some fun quizzes that teenagers will love:

Put these famous faces in age order:

It’s an outstanding fun quiz for teenagers. In this quiz, there will be a series of famous faces images, especially the faces of celebrities. The teens will have to arrange the pictures in sequence of age.

It will be interesting to see which of these celebrities are older and who are younger. They can also be surprised by observing how age impacting the popularity.

Name that ghost:

Although it’s a horror quiz, it can give optimal fun to teenagers. Most teens are typically afraid of ghosts. They have the curiosity to talk about ghost life. Hence, this quiz can make them highly thrilled.

They can start with the basics. Through the quiz, they can explore that ghosts are typically described as spirits or apparitions that have returned from the dead. They learn that ghosts can often be seen or heard, and sometimes they even leave behind physical evidence like cold spots or footprints.

Through this quiz, they can discover that there are lots of different types of ghosts, but some of the most common include revenants, poltergeists, and residual hauntings. They can explore that revenants are spirits who have returned from the dead to seek revenge on those who wronged them in life.

Celebrity caricatures:

Since the beginning of time, people have used caricature to depict famous people in a humorous or exaggerated way. Whether it’s a painting, drawing, or cartoon, celebrity caricatures are always popular because they allow people to see their favorite stars in a new light.

In many cases, the caricatures are more recognizable than the celebrities themselves, and they often become iconic images that are remembered long after the celebrities have died. Teens can play this quiz to grow their understanding of the caricatures and cherish their favorite ones.

Classic movies by posters:

Almost all teenagers love classic movies. They love to stay immersed in watching movies in the theater or at home. The witty dialogue, the interesting plot lines, and of course the fabulous actors and actresses can make them more overwhelmed than any other things.

They have an extreme interest to judge a movie by a poster. It’s no wonder that the posters can be just as interesting and eye-catching as the movies themselves. Hence, teenagers can take a look at some classic movie posters and discuss why they are so iconic through a quiz session.

Name a song with this lyric:

Who doesn’t love to listen to songs? Of course, people have a deep affection for songs. Teenagers pass a substantial amount of time listening to songs. The songs can be classified in tones but the lyrics stay imprinted in the teens’ minds. That’s why they can easily recognize a particular with some lines of lyrics.

A quiz of naming a song with lyrics can definitely be an entertaining matter to teenagers. The lyrics of the song are about having a conversation with someone they’re attracted to. The song is a fun, upbeat track that would be great for parties or road trips as well.

Guess the animal sounds:

Can a teenager guess the animal sounds? It can be identified through a quiz that is oriented to let someone guess a particular sound. Teenagers can take a look at some of the most common animal noises and try to guess what animal is making them.

The first sound can be a walrus, the second can be a seal, and the third can be a sea lion. The sound of a penguin, a duck, and a goose come to the quiz to ensure how alive they are in animal sounds. To be fair, not all animals make the same noises, so some of these may be a little tricky.

Name the world leaders:

There are many world leaders, but some are more notable than others. In the United States, the president is the most notable leader, but there are also governors of states and mayors of cities. In other countries, the most notable leaders include the prime minister and the president.

Some leaders are more controversial than others, and some have been in power for a long time. All teenagers must know the renowned and progressive leaders of the world. Hence they can arrange a quiz that helps them to get familiar with the most prominent leaders of the world. It seems to be the best fun quizzes for age 16.

Surprising food origins:

The origins of many of our favorite dishes are actually quite surprising. Take, for example, the beloved pizza, only a few people know where this popular dish was actually invented. Similarly, there are many more famous, delicious, and widely consuming foods around the world. But people don’t know from where they are derived.

If teens make a quiz that helps them know the popular food origins, they can surely gain excellent knowledge about food. It will help them to understand the ingredients and nutrition as well. They can also explore the history behind the wide acceptability of some specific foods.

Lead singers:

Lead singers are the focal point of a band. They are the ones who get the most recognition and tend to be the most popular. While there are many lead singers in the world, there are a few who stand out from the rest.

The topic of lead singers can also be an important as well as fun quiz to teenagers. They can study several singers who have unique voices that make them unforgettable. They can also experiment with how the singers sing softly and always leave an impression.

Name that tool:

Every handyman has a favorite tool that they just can’t do without. Whether it’s a hammer, saw, or screwdriver, each tool has its own unique set of capabilities that can make any home improvement project a breeze.

All teenagers should know about those handy materials. They should have a clear understanding of the use purpose of the tools. Hence, they can take part in a quiz that helps them to get introduced to the tools that are widely used in practical life.

Animal breeds:

There are many different animal breeds in the world. Some animals, like dogs and cats, have been bred for centuries to create all sorts of different breeds. Other animals, like horses and cows, have been bred for specific purposes, like racing or milk production.

No matter what breed, all animals have certain characteristics that make them unique. Dogs come in all shapes and sizes. They can be black, white, brown, or any other color imaginable. They can have short fur or long fur, curly fur, or straight fur. And they can be friendly and playful or fierce and protective.

And it’s no wonder teenagers have acute love for animal breeds. They are often curious to explore animal grooming, food, lifestyle, and many more aspects. They also feel free to stay in touch with animals. That’s why it can also be a special quiz idea teenagers age 14 for them.

Celebrity pets:

There’s no question that celebrities lead lavish lives. From the clothes they wear to the houses they live in, celebrities spare no expense when it comes to their comfort and style. What about their furry friends? Yes, every celebrity owns pets. In fact, some celebrity pets even land their own television shows.

Celebrity pets are sure to make teenagers smile. There works an extra excitement to teenage minds about the celebrity pets all along. From this point of view, teenagers can bring the topic in a quiz to have unlimited fun and soothing.

Game show picture round:

A game show picture round is a quiz game in which players are shown a series of pictures and must identify the objects or people shown in them. This type of quiz is often used on game shows as a warm-up or filler activity and can be played by individuals or teams.

The questions can be simple or difficult, depending on the game show and the level of difficulty desired. In some cases, contestants may be given a time limit in which to answer each question. It, by all means, can be one of the best fun quizzes for teens 12.

Armchair travel:

When most people think of travel, they think of packing their bags and hitting the open road or boarding a plane. However, there’s another way to see the world without ever leaving home: armchair travel. With just a computer and an internet connection, anyone can explore far-off places without spending a dime.

Armchair travelers can choose from a variety of online resources, including virtual tours, travel blogs, and social networks. These sites offer photos, videos, and firsthand accounts of destinations around the globe. They can also help people arrange their own trip by providing information on hotels, restaurants, and attractions.

So teenagers can make a quiz on armchairs if they are interested in a new adventure but don’t have the time or money to go abroad. They may highly be surprised by such an adventurous quiz.

This or That quizzes:

There’s something about taking a quiz that just feels good, isn’t there? Maybe it’s the sense of accomplishment when an individual finishes one. It can be the satisfaction of learning something new.

No matter what the reason, this type of quiz has been around for centuries and shows no signs of slowing down. Teenagers can participate in this type of quiz to get extra fun and insights.

Music mashup:

There are all sorts of reasons why people might want to make a mashup. Some might want to create a new version of their favorite song, or combine two songs that they love into one.

Others might make mashups as part of an art project or to express their creative ideas. Mashups can also be used as a way to criticize or parody other songs or musicians. Teenagers can devote to sharing music mashups with one another through a successful quiz session.

Guess the theme tune:

In the game of guessing the theme tune, one person starts by humming or singing a snippet of a well-known song. The next player then has to try and guess the name of the song and artist.

If the player becomes successful, he or she then sings another snippet for the next player to guess. If not, they are out of the game and it passes to the next player. The aim is to get as far as possible before a player is out. It can be an awesome quiz for teenagers as it offers maximum fun and excitement.

Cat karaoke:

Millions of cat owners around the world have discovered the latest trend in feline entertainment: Cat karaoke. This new phenomenon is exactly what it sounds like—singing along to one’s favorite songs with cats.

While some may be skeptical, those who have tried it say that cat Karaoke is a great way to bond with one’s pet and help them learn new tunes. From all the viewpoints, it can be a great quiz for teenagers as they love to nourish cat.

Yoga or Schmoga:

There is a lot of debate surrounding yoga and whether or not it is actually good for human beings. Some people say that the positions and breathing techniques involved in yoga can help improve one’s overall health, while others claim that it’s just a way to sell exercise classes. So, what’s the truth? Is yoga good or not?

To get the accurate answer, one needs to gain deep understanding of Yoga. Actually, yoga is a form of exercise that combines stretching and breathing techniques with meditation. It was developed in India thousands of years ago and has since become popular all over the world. As yoga is essential for teenager life, they can bring it into a discussion through quizzes.

Final Quizzes for Teens:

Teenagers are always looking for ways to have fun and keep themselves entertained. Some of these quizzes focus on current pop culture topics; others are more general knowledge-based, and still others test teenager’s creative skills. No matter what type of quiz your teenager is into, there’s sure to be one or more that will interest them!

However, whether teenagers are hanging out with friends or testing their knowledge, there are plenty of fun quizzes for teens to keep them occupied. And some of the standout ones are highlighted above. If teenagers can properly deal with those fun quizzes, they can definitely be able to lead a happy life.