Why archery is good for kids? 15 Reasons to Get Them into It

Archery for Kids

Are you fed up with witnessing your kids with their eyes for all time sticking on a smartphone? Today’s kids can’t imagine their lives without the existence of the digital device. They are interested to play virtual games rather than playing in reality. This unavoidable situation made many parents concerned about the effects that gadgets … Read more

Learn How to Make Slime with Just Glue and Water

how to make slime with only glue and water

After finishing school, you are getting bored and looking for something fun to do? So homemade slime is the best craft project for teens and kids. Want to make slime, but don’t have all the equipment for it. Making slime at home is relatively easy with just two things: glue and water. All you need … Read more

Games to Develop Literacy & Numeracy

Games to Develop Literacy And Numeracy

Games offer so many skill opportunities in specific areas such as communication for starters. They provide a chance to interact with others, negotiate rules, introduce new vocabulary and how to correct and challenge others. Players learn how to take turns, stay focused and problem solve. Emotional consequences can be developed around handling loss, helping another … Read more