Things to Do in Manzanita Oregon with Family

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There are a lot of different and adventurous things for families with kids to do and see in Manzanita. We will hype you up to try each and every one of those. Read on and know about all the options.

Things to Do in Manzanita Oregon with Family

Chill at the Manzanita Beach:

One of the first things you should try along with your folks is slow-walking on the Manzanita Beach. The Canon Beach in Manzanita is worth seeing. The tides are mostly gradual and slow so you can walk on the sand as much as you like. It is long, wide and houses a lot of seagulls. If you are a silent bird watcher, then definitely you would love your time here. If you are looking for a place to relax, take deep breaths and rejuvenate your soul, then this beach is the right place for you. It is quiet and covered with sand all around. Your kids will also enjoy racing on this beach. You can even try dog walking or cycling with your family. You can fly kites and make sandcastles with your kids. If you are a solitary soul, you can have an amazing time while sky gazing and watching the sun change hues. It is indeed worth visiting, we promise.

Must visit Hug Point:

Hug point state park is another amazing spot to visit in this area. It is a family-friendly beach where you can have an amazing time with your family. It is a sandy beach where you will find some new sea buddies such as starfish and crabs.

Hug point waterfall is not only breathtakingly beautiful but accessible as well. The hug point waterfall is located right next to the beach, and you can easily walk or swim up there.

The constant waves in this area have created some awesome caves, and all of those are worthy of exploration. If you and your kids are up for some mesmerizing adventure, then make sure to check out and explore these caves.

All in all, Hug Point is the hub of adventures, eye-catching waterfall and breathtaking views.

Other Family-Friendly things to Try:

There are many shops where you can buy cute clothes for your kids, souvenirs for your loved ones and a lot of other items for yourself. You will surely enjoy shopping in this cosy little town. You can even get some traditional items that you can later gift to your friends.

The Manzanita area is full of amazing eateries where you can indulge in the most delicious food. There are bakeries, sweet shops, restaurants that are always open to welcome the tourists. You can relish some exotic food in the company of your family, kids and friends, after a tiring yet memorable day at the Hug spot. Don’t forget to get your kids their favourite ice-cream at the end of the meal!


Manzanita, Oregon can give you your dream vacation time. We will not only provide you with a comfortable abode while you are here but will also be your guide. We will tell you about all the wonderful options you have got to try here, including hiking, boating, fishing etc. Also, we will make sure that you enjoy your trip without any worry. Through our outstanding renting service and Manzanita Airbnb, Manzanita vacation rentals will make sure that you get the best of everything while you are our guest.

Happy travelling!