5 Easy Toilet Training Tips for Your Child

Toilet training for kids usually starts by teaching them how to use the potty. This means that at the typical toilet training age, which is usually between 18-30 months, your child should already be conversant with the potty and how to use it.

As a general rule of thumb, it is recommended to begin talking about potty training from the kid’s first birthday so that you arouse his/her interest slowly by slowly. The idea here is to make your kid comfortable with potties naturally; not by force. Apart from this, here are other tips to use.

5 Easy Toilet Training Tips for Your Child

toilet seat for toddlers

1. Turn Potty time into fun time

If something is fun, then your child will definitely get interested in it and want to redo it again and again. You can boost the fun factor of potty use in several ways. For instance, you can put a blank water-sensitive color-changing sticker or the one that shows an image once it gets into contact with water.

This would work well with boys and will let your son see the image of a plane, car or truck appear the more he pees. After you dry the potty, this image will disappear and for sure, your little son will want to repeat this, again and again, every time he feels like peeing.

2. Teach him/her to sit first then stand

It is very common for bowel movements and peeing to come at the same time. Therefore, it makes more sense to teach your child to sit down on the potty first. For a girl child, this will proceed as normal but for a boy, after he masters this basic procedure, then the next thing would be to make him learn how to aim directly at the potty when standing so as not to mess up the place.

3. Let him/her watch as you use the toilet

Continuing on the tip above, teaching your son to pee while standing might require him to follow his dad or a trusted male relative/friend and watch him pee in a standing position.

Children learn a lot through observation and this would go a long way towards cementing his understanding of peeing in an upright posture.

However, there is no need to rush this. He can pee while sitting down until his male role model finally gets to teach him how it’s done.

4. Consider using training pants

You should consider letting your child wear training pants once or twice a day. Basically, disposable training pants are like the step or transition between diapers and underwear, and they help the child to understand the feeling of wetness so that he/she can resort to using the potty every time that feeling comes.

Once you notice that the pants remain dry for a few days, then you can switch to underwear.

5. Celebrate Triumphs

Obviously, your child will not succeed the first time. However, for any small milestone or accomplishment achieved, celebrate that moment so that you can encourage him/her to improve as he/she matures.

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All in all, toilet training is necessary and the more the useful tips that you consider trying out in this stage, the better. During all this, it is important to make sure that your child eats food with plenty of fiber and drinks lots of water. This will prevent constipation, which can otherwise complicate the training process.