What Do Most Teenage Guys Wear to Bed? 5 Usual Sleepwear

One of the most crucial parts of a person’s lifestyle is sleeping. According to researchers, a person should get at least 7-8 hours of sound sleep in a day. Therefore, getting comfy before getting into bed is a logical thing to do. Some people often overlook this simple factor.

You may have stayed a night at someone’s house and noticed that not everyone wears the same type of clothes to bed. So, what do most teenage guys wear to bed? If you were looking to know, you have come to the right place! Continue reading more about teenage bed-time clothing.

What Do Most Teenage Guys Wear to Bed?

Common Outfits that Teenage Guys Wear to Bed

Generally, most guys will feel perfectly comfortable in a tee-shirt and a set of shorts or wear boxers. But there are other alternatives to this. Below, we cover some of the most common choices of teenage boys:

1. Boxers

Boxer briefs are probably the most popular choice for teenage guys. Boxers are very comfortable to wear as they are not too narrow and enable breathability through them.

Depending on the weather, a boxer may be paired with a t-shirt or just shirtless.

2. Pajamas

Pajamas are the most comfortable cloth to wear to bed. For bed-time, teenage guys usually prefer shorts. They offer more breathability than boxers and feel looser.

If you are looking for something that covers your legs, pajama sets are the best choice.

3. Night Shirt

Even though it comes off as a childish option, nightshirts are loved by teenage guys.

Nightshirts are made of comforting materials such as cotton and are made to be loosely worn. On the plus side, you can choose from tons of designs!

4. Sweatpants

Sweat pants are ideal for cold environments even though the gym clothes are considerably loose and keep you warm and covered up to your feet.

When paired with a long sleeve shirt, the outfit will be very comfortable for bed-time. You also may opt for sweat shorts, with the only difference being their length.

5. Jersey Shorts

Last but not least, jersey shorts are the most common choice for young guys.

It may be said that jersey shorts are the most comfortable as they are loose shorts and offer unparalleled breathability through the small holes in the material.

Furthermore, they are incredibly light in weight and are made with soft material. They are also cheaper than most shorts and can be worn almost anywhere.

Since we have covered the most common outfits worn to bed by teenage guys, in the next section, we get more specific about what should be worn by young boys by answering some frequently asked questions.

What do guys wear to bed in college?

Most college going boys prefer to wear something that can be worn both at home and outside. Comfort is another factor that they use to decide what to wear. The most common outfit is just a t-shirt and a set of shorts or boxers!

Another trendy choice is pajama pants. Since they provide a ton of comfort, teenage guys like to get cozy in them before hitting the bed. On the other hand, some boys also like to wear a pair of socks when sleeping.

What should teenage guys wear to bed?

A general statement would be to say that most people seek to be cozy in bed. Therefore, depending on their satisfaction and environment, they can opt for various types of clothing.

For example, there are specific sets of shirts and pants that are known as nightclothes.

There are also tons of shorts and pajamas to choose from. But the typical outfit of a teenage guy ready to get into bed is just a simple t-shirt and shorts or pajamas, or maybe wear boxers.

It is impossible to define a fixed set of clothing as choices may vary from person to person.

Should a teenager sleep naked?

This is a very controversial topic and a rhetorical question. The answer cannot be concluded to a simple yes or no, but certain factors should be considered for this.

The biggest advantage of not wearing clothes to bed is that you can get plenty of comforts as your body can cool down better as all of your body gets direct airflow. Doctors and health specialists recommend it for health benefits.

On the other hand, this practice is avoided by people who are conscious of their surroundings. In case of an emergency, an accident, or a robbery, if you are sleeping naked, you may get into unwanted trouble or the hassle of having to deal with people.

What should a 13 year old boy wear to bed?

Generally, the best outfit for young boys of this age would be a t-shirt or a sleeveless shirt, paired with a pair of pajamas. While pajamas are soft and comfortable, they can also keep them warm in cold weather.

The same can be said for what a 14 year old boy wears to bed. But as mentioned previously, kids can wear whatever they wish, starting from just boxer shorts to a full set of nightclothes.

What should a 12 year old boy wear to bed?

Since 12 year olds are yet to step into their teens, they can wear almost anything they wish to. They could wear a t-shirt or a nightshirt on which their favorite superhero is printed, paired with pajama shorts.

Kids have their own minds and would like to wear their favorite clothes.

What should a 12 year old boy wear to bed?

With all of that out of our way, we now have an idea of what kind of clothing choices can be made by teenage guys.

Another essential factor to be considered is the material of the clothing. In the following section, we speak about the different kinds of materials available.

Cloth Material

There are various types of clothing available, all of which have their differences. The key aspects that differentiate them are comfort, breathability, and cost. Below, brief details of the most common clothing materials are given:


It is a naturally produced fiber grown from the cotton plant. It is soft, lightweight, and breathable. Cotton is the most widely used material for clothing, and a good reason.

The material is cheap, durable, and easy to wash. Apart from these factors, it is also very comfortable. Most of the tee shirts are produced with cotton.

However, cotton is not preferred in cold environments as it cannot insulate very well, meaning that if you feel cold at night, you will have to use a blanket or something similar to cover yourself.

Furthermore, cotton absorbs a lot of moisture. If you happen to sweat a lot, the fabric will create discomfort by pressing moisture on your skin and increasing the risk of infection.


Wool is a textile fabric produced from the natural hair of a sheep, goat, or other animals of the same nature.

Its distinguishable feature from other clothing materials is its insulating ability. Wool is an excellent insulator as it keeps you warm and is an ideal material for cold weather.

Another feature of wool is that it has great wicking capability, which ensures that moisture is transferred away from the skin for effective evaporation.

Even though wool is very absorbent, most wool materials, after absorbing an amount of moisture, can still feel dry when touched.

On the other hand, some wool materials get very itchy. It can cause extreme discomfort, therefore, choosing the correct wool material for sleepwear is important.

Merino is the most preferred type of wool, which is very much smoother and does not cause itches.


Silk is a natural fiber just like cotton, but it comprises protein and is made from the cocoons of silkworms. The best part about silk is that it is remarkably soft, strong, and is a very good thermo-regulator, i.e., it keeps you cool in hot weather and warm in cold weather.

Silk is not very resistant to sweat. Perspiration causes stress to the fabric and weakens its strands. It is very absorbent and collects a lot of moisture. This is why silk clothing has to be washed more often than other clothes.

Even though the material is very expensive, nothing screams luxury as silk does!


Similar to silk, linen is a luxurious material too. It is produced from flax plants and is much more durable than silk. The fabric is very comfortable as it is incredibly soft and very breathable, making it an ideal choice for hot weather.

The only cons of linen would be its price and the fact that it wrinkles very easily. It will have to be regularly ironed if you do not like the wrinkled look it gets.


By now, you should have a clear picture of what type of clothes can be chosen for sleeping. Even though it all boils down to the own preferences of an individual, there is a wide range of types and materials to choose from.

Getting back to the question that we began with, what do most teenage guys wear to bed? In brief, a t-shirt or a full-sleeve shirt paired with a set of shorts makes the ideal sleepwear for a teenage guy!