Why Do You Wrap A Newborn Baby?

One of the purest sights that you can find anywhere is that of a sleeping baby wrapped up snuggly in soft, warm clothes.

This baby caring method is so common and useful that most hospital nurses these days teach this technique to every new parent.

This method of wrapping your baby is known as swaddling. This time-tested process has managed to calm even the fussiest of babies for a long time.

In this article, Babies Wiki will explore why this technique of wrapping a newborn baby is so popular and the many benefits that come with it.

Wrap A Newborn Baby


Wrapping A Newborn Baby

A newborn has no control over his motor functions, and reflexive actions guide most of his movements. Swaddling limits this random movement and keeps the baby stable.

Besides, swaddling keeps a baby warm before the thermal capability of the babies’ body turns on. And the increased contact with your body builds up the innate empathy in your baby.

How Should You Wrap A Newborn for Bed?

Swaddling is an art, and the true beauty of it lies in the simple things. Take a soft cloth and lay your baby down in its center.

With the right hand of your baby slightly bent and held against his body, fold the fabric securely across the arm and tuck him in.

Take the bottom part of the cloth over the feet and secure it with the top side of the fabric.

Take the left arm of the baby and place it similar to the right armrest and fold the remaining part under the baby. Now your newborn is all tucked in and ready for bed.

Is Swaddling Suitable for Babies?

Swaddling is an essential part of the growth of babies. To the baby, it replicates the feeling of being in the mother’s womb.

When they are wrapped comfortably in a blanket, they find familiarity. This intimacy helps them feel relaxed and calm down even when they are crying.

Newborn babies sleep most hours of the day, and swaddling is an excellent way to make sure they get it.

It keeps your sleeping baby held in a position that is comfortable for the baby.

Is It Okay Not to Swaddle A Newborn?

Yes, it is okay not to swaddle a newborn if the baby does not want it. Swaddling is a way to make sure that the baby stays on his back while asleep and stays comfortable.

If you do not want to swaddle your baby, you should keep an eye out while putting him to sleep.

The baby needs to stay on his back while sleeping. If you are not swaddling, you need to keep your eyes on your baby so that he doesn’t rollover. Check for any loose clothing that might suffocate your baby.

While swaddling is a recommended method of caring for a newborn if your baby seems to resist it, do not force it.

When Should I Stop Wrapping My Baby?

For a newborn, swaddling is a perfect activity. As mentioned earlier, it limits the babies’ random reflexive motions and keeps the baby warm.

However, you should stop swaddling a baby who is about a month old. Your baby starts developing control over his body during this time.

Experts say, when you see your baby trying to lift his head or trying to roll over on his own you should take it as a sign to stop swaddling.

But swaddling your baby during nap time or night sleep is fine if it helps him relax.

Final Thoughts

That’s all for now. Covering an infant baby or swaddling, in short, helps your baby stay warm and comfy in your arms. And with proper techniques, it’s pretty easy to do so.

Hopefully, now you know why you wrap a newborn baby.