Why learning English is a fundamental for building strong comp programming skills for kids?

Coding is a language that unties technology enthusiasts the world over. It’s often said that you can express yourself through code and that can break all the barriers of language.

This is of course true when you have mastered the art of coding and can express yourself completely via the symbols meant to be understood by the machines.

But is this true when you are just starting your journey to master the art of coding? The answer is a big NO. And here is why:

The best and most accessible educational coding material is available only in English. There is a lot of effort that is currently underway in terms of translation of the education material but still, it’s a few drops in a large ocean of English language content.

It is safe to say that the variety & depth of content that is available in the English language can only be matched by in several decades, barring some miracle.

Even if the instruction is available in another language the coding languages like HTML/CSS/JAVA very much use parts of English vocabulary in how the logic is expressed in the form of code.

If anyone has a fundamental understanding of how the English language works, then it will become very easy for him or her to understand and grasp the nuances of the coding language.

The instructors that are available to teach you programming skills mostly speak English. While you may find coding educators in Russia, India, and Israel who can teach in other languages.

However, this is still a significant limiting factor; especially you are looking for advanced learning in the field of coding.

Skill & Career Advancement Opportunities: Even if you are fortunate to find a way so that you can pick up the coding skills without English, in all likelihood you still have to learn effective use of English to use the coding skills in effective projects where you can use your skill.

Virtually in all professional contexts, being an excellent computer professional without working knowledge of English will be a significant barrier to overcome.

And if you decide to ever raise your hands for the contributions to the body of knowledge in the programming areas either by way of scholarly publication or teaching someone else – if you lack English comprehension skills it will be very hard for you to reach the people that you truly want to educate.

English like any language can be learned when you use it. In addition, use it in a multi-sensory way – that is reading, writing, listening.

In practical terms, it might mean watching movies, drawing pictures and labeling them, or writing your article or blog.

Be very sure to have a solid understanding of the English language before embarking on your coding journey, you will be rewarded in long term & you will be glad you did.

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