Celebrate Your Baby’s First Birthday with a Cake Smash Photography in Singapore

cake smash photography in Singapore

First Birthdays are always the most special ones for the babies as well as for the new parents. It is a year of transformations and growing up. To make it even more happening, celebrate your baby’s first birthday with cake smash photography in Singapore.

Being a baby is the time a human can be the most careless creature and can completely rely on its parents for almost everything from being fed to getting cleaned and for the toilet too. It is a very short period when you can be as silly as you want and is loved and adored for it. Cake smashing is a popular trend when you let the child play with the cake freely, and the photographer captures the moments.

The cake smash is something that reflects the time when a baby can show all his gabbiness to everyone. It is that moment when he is free and happy and does not care. Moreover, he is not stopped for being a messy kid. He is given the liberty to do as he pleases, which is the reason for his immense joy resulting in precious giggles, smiles, and laughter which is captured and preserved by the cake smash photographers forever.

It creates a beautiful mess and saves moments of joy, freedom, and happiness for the child. Cake smash photography is one of the most memorable and fun things you can plan on a child’s first birthday celebration. It showcases the way a baby will likely celebrate.

A cake smash photography captures moments when your baby is in the fun coma of crushing, quelling, and mash the cake and eats it fearlessly. It may include before the smash begins and after photos, portraits with balloons and decor popping in. Make sure before the shoot to make it as colourful as possible. You can choose a theme following the character or few colours which can make a good combo together. The cake and the baby’s outfit should go with the overall theme of the party. This way, the photos will look more sorted out.

Being all messy and free is what a baby dreams for. It is one day you can plan to give it all to the little one and get it captured for it to be cherished forever. To make preparation, All you need is a cake with easy to destroy icing and lots of colours to make it look good and funky. You can make a soft sponge of different colours and keep the icing white with colourful sprinkles. White icing with colourful inside will make it look more appealing as the more the baby digs deeper, the more he discovers the colours. Make the cake as soft as possible and avoid using sugar and flour fondants as it is hard and you don’t want your baby to get tired and bored.

Further chose an outfit for the baby to compliment the cake and the mess which will be made. Chose clothes with minimal designs and patterns. And chose light pastel colours and avoid black, white, or dark colours as they are not so photogenic. Make sure to be economical during purchasing stuff as it might not be reusable. You can use materials such as polyester or latex as they do not absorb a lot and can be cleaned afterwards. However, keep comfort the top priority of the baby as the more he is comfy, the happy he will look.

A cake smash is then often followed by a bubble bath for the baby to clean up, and it is captured too. This bubble bath consists of a pool bath bomb and the baby’s favourite floating toys.