Fun Indoor Games for Kids and Teenagers

The current Covid pandemic has affected almost every aspect of human life. People are limited to their homes only, and that is probably the best way to stay safe and protect your family from any uncertain situation.

With so many things going virtual, kids and teens are also limited to their homes only. There is no school, college, and any outdoor games during this time since everything has closed.

Even if there is an open place, it is not safe to be there. As a result, the screen time of the teens and kids have increased, for mind freshness you can check our listed good cologne for teenage guys.

They are taking online classes from their homes, and for entertainment, they turn to laptops, phones, or television.

Having no activity can be a major concern for parents, and they should try involving their kids to be part of different activities.

With no outdoor activities, it is a good time to introduce some entertaining indoor activities that allow your kids to have some sort of physical and mental activity.

By now, you might be thinking of the indoor activities or games that you can introduce to your kids.

Fun indoor games for kids and teenagers

There are numerous indoor games that your kids can be part of. This article will list some of the indoor games that kids and teens can enjoy during this pandemic.

Socks Wrestling:

This is the game that will allow your kids to have some sort of physical exertion while staying at home.

Socks wrestling is the game where two opponents wear socks but not shoes. The task of both persons is to remove the socks of their opponents.

This game can be played in a carpeted room, and you can further put mattresses in the middle of the room to add some padding.

You also need to establish some wrestling rules to avoid any injury during the game.


This is another fun game that teens can enjoy at home. To play the game, all the players are required to stand in a circle with their heads bowed down.

On the count of three, every player should raise their head, and the two making eye contact should scream and play dead.

Those two or more players will be eliminated from the game. Repeat until you have only two players left.

Tabletop shuffleboards:

Kids and teens can also play tabletop shuffleboard games at home. These tabletop versions of the shuffleboard are pretty realistic, and kids can enjoy the game play at a lesser price.

Both adults and kids can enjoy this classic game.

The player does require a little time to develop the gaming skills, but it’s very engaging. The game will help teens and kids to develop balance, focus, coordination, and analyzing skills.

If you don’t have the tabletop shuffleboard at your home, you can find a list of the best shuffleboards here.

Air hockey:

Talking about board games, there is another board game that teens and kids can enjoy at home. Air hockey is a game that you find in different gaming zones.

This is also a game that both kids and adults can enjoy.

This is the game that can keep you engaged for hours. While commercial air hockey boards are big and cannot be placed inside the home, you can consider having smaller boards.

These smaller boards can easily fit inside the room and provide your kids with the best indoor physical activity. You can find some of the best Air Hockey boards listed here.

Act out charades:

Last in our list of indoor games is the most famous game charades. No matter from which age group does you belong, you will enjoy acting and guessing charades.

This is a fun activity that indulges kids in both physical and mental activity.

If your kids haven’t played the game before, you can tell them the rules, and to keep it simple, you can start by guessing the home members.

You can then increase the level by guessing movie names, celebrities, and then famous personalities around the world.

These are some of the games that you kids and teens can enjoy at home during the pandemic. If you also know any entertaining game, do share it with us as well.