How to make slime with glue and water?

After finish school, you are getting bored and looking for something fun to do?

So homemade slime is the best craft project for teens and kids.

Hey, guys, I’m here again, and today I will teach you guys how to make slime with glue and water that’s easier.

This is not the random article of avail was, actually a tutorial that works super wondering.

how to make slime with glue and water

Are you excited to know? How to make slime with only glue and water?

So, we have here a slime recipe with laundry detergent, which I’ve handpicked from my experiment.

You will need something to mix in, and I would usually use my metal bowl and also need a spoon to mix it.

You also need glue and some water, so let’s start.

What Materials You Need for making slime with glue and water:

  • 1 cup white or clear craft glue, like Elmer’s
  • 1/2 cup room temperature water
  • Bowl
  • Spoon for mixing
  • Glitter or food coloring (optional, but fun)

What You Do?

First, you have to add as much of this glue as you want into your container.

There’s a fun, easy slime to make it won’t be like super cup slime’s today like expect super sexy spices but I have a super ticklish love story on my blog.

The second step is just adding a bit of water to make slime and start mixing.

how to make slime with glue and water

The third (optional) step is to add any food coloring or glitter you’d like to your slime.

Again, mix thoroughly. Continue to mix with the spoon until it reaches a thick consistency you can hold.

Are you troubleshooting for making your own slime with glue and water?

I hope your problem will be like this; if your slime is too runny, add some more liquid starch. Also, it is too thick; you can add more water to the glue to thin it out.

If you got a bit of it, it’s really stretchy and soft, and this is so easy.

So you want to make a lot of slimes to add a lot of glue and then it’s just blown in water so here’s a tip for you guys the more water you add some more as you can.

how to make slime with glue and water

It’s really soft, and I don’t know if this would dry out quickly but I think it will but while it lasts is so sweet.

So if you want to just make some like randomly slime and this is perfect for you, literally just need glue and some water.

It’ll actually be very surprised I thought it would be really sticky.

You can always make more by yourself, I’m just wanna show you guys that work and it’s really clear especially and nonsticky also.

This is I think one of the easiest slime tutorials that I’ve ever made with glue and water that’s it.

I’m not even joking like there’s not some secret or ingredient add it into this.

[EXPERIMENT] Can glue and water make slime easily?

Updated New Slime Recipe:

How to make slime with glue and water only without borax?

Watch this full video for a special guide only  that you can make slime without borax,

I hope you enjoy my slime tutorials and enjoy making slime with glue and water only without borax.

If you have any questions feel free to comment below or you can contact us!