How to Make Felt Flowers – An Ultimate Guide

Worrying how to make felt flowers? Then give up all your tension. Because we have brought in this article just the thing you need.

We have briefly discussed for teens, 5 ways to make felt flowers at home. And, we guarantee you that you will find all those methods helpful.

In this article, we make felt flowers such as felt roses, felt lilacs, felt peonies, felt dahlias, and felt hydrangeas.

So, pick your favorite felt flower-making method and make one at home.

how to make felt flowers at home


How to Make Felt Flowers in 5 Minutes

You know flowers are the symbol of beauty. And, felt flowers can make your place even more beautiful.

The best part of felt flowers is, you can make them as you desire or you want. And, it is also fun to create felt flowers at home.

So, below, we are going to show you few easy ways to create felt flowers in your home to make them attractive.

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Making Felt Roses

In the beginning of the article about how to make felt flowers is showing now making felt roses.

How to Make Felt Flowers

Step 1: At first, select your felt. Now, to create felt roses, you will need to cut large circles out of your felt. Then choose the color you like.

Step 2: Now, you must cut your felt. And, to start your rose, you just need to use a felt circle. It doesn’t need to be a perfect circle.

You can either trace the round object or freehand it. But, make the circle anywhere from 4–10 inches in diameter depending on how large you would like your rose to be.

Step 3: Use a pair of cutters to cut a spiral into your felt circle. Then start at one edge, and cut spiral inwards using a wavy.

Now, cut until you reach the center of the circle. Take your cutters and cut a wavy pattern around the edge of the circle.

So that you are left with a flat, snake-like spiral.

Step 4: You need to roll up the spiral. And, start at the outside edge of the spiral and begin rolling it inside.

Then, pinch the base of the spiral as you roll to create the base of the flower. At the time spiral will completely roll up then it will create a pretty rose shape.

In the end, secure the rose. Then, turn your felted rose over. And, use a needle and thread to stitch the spiral together. Now you’re done.

Making Felt Lilacs

The second option of the article about how to make felt flowers is showing now making felt roses.

How to Make Felt Flowers

To make this, choose your felt first. And, to make this pattern you will be making multiple small felt flowers.

And also, assigning them in a bunch to a felt base and similar to the appearance of lilacs in real life.

Now, if you want to make them look like a traditional lilac, use cream fuchsia or lavender-colored felt with matching fiber.

Now, cut your template. Then, to start your flowers out, you will need to cut them in many small circles. But, cut it between 5-15 circles approximately 1 inch or 2.5 cm in diameter.

The important part is to cut one larger circle to act as the backing of the felt. This will change in size depending on the number of blossoms you decide to create.

But, it should be large enough that you can place all your small circles on it without seeing any edges.

It is time to cut your flowers. And, with your circles cut out, you can create your lilac blossoms.

Now, cut out a rounded “+” shape to look like a lilac bud in every circle. And, try to use as much of the circle as you can by cutting away a minimal amount of fabric.

Now, sew your buds together. And, arrange your small lilac blossoms over the larger felt circle you have created before.

In this process, use a needle and corresponding thread to sew each blossom. For that, use an “x” shape in the center of the flowers.

You can overlap the flowers to create texture and add a real presence.

Now, after you finish sewing on all your small blossoms, tie a knot in the back of the bunch. And, it is finished.

Making Felt Peonies

The topic of the article about how to make felt flowers is showing now making felt roses.

How to Make Felt Flowers

For making this felt at first, select your felt. Now, this method of making peonies requires long and skinny strips of felt.

Thus use fabric that you have long pieces of. You can use any color you would like in your felt.

You will now require cutting the felt into the size you want. But, your felt strips will need to be 1½ inches wide and whatever length you would like depends on your interest.

The longer piece you will use of felt, the larger your flower will be.

Now, stick together all your strips with glue. And, to create the illusion of petals, you have to create a loop out of each strip of the felt.

Now, fold the felt in half and dab glue along the edge of the fabric across the strip. You must hold the edge together until it is dry, forming a long, narrow, and oblong tube.

It is time to create your petals. You can use a pair of cutters to cut small notches in the loop. You have to cut notches that go ⅔ of the way down the loop and are ¼ inch apart.

Now, roll up your flower.  At the time of rolling, dab glue on the inside of the felt this way the flower sticks together with it.

When you reach the end then add a bit more glue to secure it. Now, your peony is finished.

You can watch this video for more guides about making felt peonies.

Making Felt Dahlias

The article about how to make felt flowers is showing now making felt roses.

You have to choose the best felt for making this. It requires many small parts and thusly needs a lot of felt.

How to Make Felt Flowers

You have to make sure that you have several full-sized strips of fabric to do this project. You can use any colors in this felt and shade.

Now, cut your template. The dahlias will have three layers of petals that is why you will need to cut three sections of felt in differing sizes.

The measures of all shapes are 16 rectangles measuring ½ inch x 2 inches or 5.1 cm, 10 rectangles measuring ½ inch by 1½ inches, and 7 rectangles measuring ½ inch x 1 inch or 2.5 cm.

And, you will also need a circular base measuring 3 inches or 7.6 cm across.

Now, cut your petals. To make the shape of a dahlia petal, you have to draw an oblong diamond shape onto each rectangle.

Now, use your cutters to carve each petal into the correct form. You must round the edges of the two points next to the top of the diamond.

Now, cut ¼ of the way up the petal straight across to create a horizontal base.

Felt Dahlias

In the base of each petal, you must dab hot glue and fold the sides in till they meet at the center.

It will leave the top part of the petal open. Now, while creating a rolled edge and pleat down the midpoint of the end of the petal.

Now, add the largest petals to your circular base by adding a dab of glue to the back.

And, stick it to the base about ¼ of an inch from the edge.

You have to add your second layer of petals now. And, use the medium size.

Put a small dab of glue to the back and stick them ¼ of an inch below the base of the first layer.

Now, glue on your final petals. You can put some green felt leaves on the bottom of the flower. And, it is finished.

Making Felt Hydrangeas

The final option of the article about how to make felt flowers is showing now making felt roses.

How to Make Felt Flowers

Now, select your felt. Hydrangeas are made from multiple small sections glued together.

In the beginning, cut your template. You will need to cut 6 flower shapes from your felt.

Now, cut each piece to be a five petal flower with rounded edges. Also, cut out a small circle at least 1 inch.

Now, fold it in half and add a small dab of hot glue to the center of the flower. Don’t glue the petals all the way across so that they can stay open along the edges.

It is time to fold your petals again. Because this will leave you with a small pyramid-seq petal shape. Use another small dab of glue to hold the form.

You have to combine your petals with glue now. You can add some felt leaves for a finishing touch.

Finally, we can say felt flower increases the beauty of any place. And, it is very fun to make felt flowers.

But, now we hope you have found our article useful for you. And, if you find any problem or have a question about this article, just comment us. Keep in touch for updates about how to make felt flowers.