Creative Punishments For Lying Teenager That Work

The inclination of telling a lie is normal to teenagers. They tend to engage in untruths being obsessed with impulsion, vulnerability, and guilt. Very often, they are prone to come up with cut and short stories to cover their misdeeds in order to escape punishment.

Even sometimes they make some poor decisions to support their habit of telling a lie. And it’s happened to almost all the teenagers as a part of their brain development and achieving personal gains. Parents must deal with those manipulating teenagers in a wise, smart, and cognitive approach.

The teenagers might come up with some ingenious and creative thoughts to let the parents down. Besides, they can attack them emotionally finding out their weaknesses. Parents are also supposed to fall into severe trouble. That is because they are clueless and unable exempt from such a trap.

However, if you want to raise your teenagers in family rules and regulations, you need to tackle this situation perfectly. You may reach out to some creative punishments for lying teenagers. But the disciplines must be impactful and reflexive.

creative punishments for lying teenager

In this article, I’m going to cover a list of punishments for teenagers that might help you to bring them on the back on the honesty track. So you need to note them down to grow your children in a constructive, conservative, and intuitive environment.


Creative Punishments For Lying Teenagers

If you want to plant the seed of honesty, loyalty, and modesty in your children, you need to follow some excellent strategies and tactics. Some people make blunders by beating teenagers up, but it doesn’t bring positive consequences at all. You need to punish them not brutally but wisely.

By all means, you have to endeavor to involve your lying children in your family norms. At the initial period, you might be struggling to get your children in your world; there is no chance of giving up. Try to adhere to the following steps to get rid of the concerns associated with your lying teenager.

Take Away Social Freedom:

Your teenagers are free for hanging out anywhere. They used to take part in parties, make tours with mates, watch the cinema, organize ventures, and so on. To keep your beloved children happy at all times, you have no objection to their deeds. But you become hurt whenever you notice your teenager telling lie to you.

For instance, your toddler may demand a costly watch telling you that everyone in his or her class own it. Besides, he or she may compete for a racing car that might cause fatal injury. If you ask him or her to account for it, you may get a deceptive response.

They may ignite the rage button of you sharing false stories in order to hide their faults. In this case, you need to become sensible. You can try to allow them to give up lying by taking away their social freedom. To illustrate, you can impose limitations on their use of cars, forbid them to go out, and minimize their contact with friends.

It will affect them horribly and enable them to get out of the indulgence of untruths. You need to be strict until your teenagers realize that they can escape such sanctions whenever they will follow the principles of honesty. It can indeed bring far-reaching consequences to your teenagers.

Withdraw Some Home Privileges:

If you find suspicious behavior and attitude in your teenagers, you have to bring them in your book as soon as possible. Otherwise, you will notice long-term repercussions that propel your toddlers in the dark side. To keep your teenagers at your subordination, you might decline the privileges they find from family.

For sure, you are prompt to fulfill all the needs of your children. You more often provide them with money, clothes, amusement components, personal home appliances, and so on. As a part of the punishment, you might withdraw or withhold the use of those essentials for a certain period.

By not having the supplies they used to deal with, they might look dull and gloomy. You need to become consolidated until they understand the key reason for their deprivation. It’s the approach to allow them to realize the consequence of telling a lie.

So you need to keep the toddlers out of all facilities as long as they are under the control of lie, no matter how resentment they are. It’s pretty sure that they will abandon lying within a few days in the quench of having the comforts.

Restrict The Use of Electronics Devices:

A recent survey shows that teenagers have a massive tendency to stay connected to devices more than ever before. In this area of technology, teenagers are seized with various electronic devices including mobile phones, tablets, television, and so on. They in particular spend huge time watching cartoons, playing video games, and interacting with friends.

If they somehow get cut off the devices, they find their lives completely boring and distasteful. Needless to say that most of the children learn how to attain personal importance by telling a lie to others from the internet. So you need to act smartly and intervene on their priority list.

In other words, you can deter teenagers from using the electronic devices that they like the most. If possible you can cut off the Wi-Fi connection and keep all the existing televisions off for a few days. Plus, you can snatch the smartphone or tablet away not to allow them to get involved in social media.

It’s widely said that today’s children can pass a whole day in starvation but never stay away for screen for a few hours. You will discover your teenagers are raging with anger whenever they will become out of devices. And it will enforce them to do anything no matter how daunting it is. They won’t mind giving up telling a lie even on the first day of their break off the screen.

Assign Bulk Tasks:

By involving teenagers in tasks can be a productive approach to punishment. You may assign bulk tasks to your lying children if they become slaves of their habit. It will help them to comprehend their own responsibilities too.

Initially, you can ask them to embellish their bed, refurbish the room, and clean up the furniture. If these won’t bear fruit, you need to increase the load of works. You can appoint them to work in the kitchen. Furthermore, you can make a weekly to-do list for them.

This is not the way of letting your children off the book; rather that it’s an approach of teaching them to take ownership of their lives. On working severely for a couple of days, they will certainly realize how comfortable their life was.

They will try to back to their previous lifestyle at all costs. And as a rule, they will hear you and abide by the rules of honesty. This punishment will remind them of the importance of speaking the truth. You will find a significant change in their life complying with this tactic.

Be Rough and Attentive on Time Span:

No strategy will come in handy if you show your soft mood to your teenagers. You need to become rough and assertive for a specific period. It’s not because of exposing your bad side but because of bringing your teenagers on the track. Your cordial attitude might enable them to understand that you’re acting.

Consequently, they may refuse to obey your orders. If they don’t act upon your instructions how can you teach them a good lesson? Of course, it will become tough to punish them in a creative approach.

Another aspect that you need to keep in mind is the time schedule. You need to span the time for punishing them. Overdoing might harm your children terribly. They might become somewhat ferocious being exhausted with the pressure you’re putting on them.

So you need to punish them moderately keeping a proper distance between you and your teenagers. Everything will work for you whenever you will become strict in your rules.

What Should Avoid in Dealing With a Lying Teenager?

The lying teenagers may look out of control at times. They might make you angry often since you sometimes will fail to hold your temper. They will force you to showcase your attacking attitude to them. But you shouldn’t place your feet in the trap. You need to deal with them sensibly. You can stick to the following rules to avoid all conflicts.

Don’t Be Offensive:

Most parents tend to become offensive to their children. In fact, it’s a blunder. On being offensive, you can do nothing literally. Rather than, it will create a long relationship gap between you and your toddlers. And ultimately, you may lose authority over them. With the spur of your anger, you should not scold teenagers for their bad habits. Instead, you have to influence them to give up the habit of speaking untruths through your generous behavior.

You can share with them the bad result of telling a lie. You may describe how a lie can bring devastation to their entire life. It’s not a wise decision to hate to the lying children since it’s not their guilt; they are just victims of the situation. Your offensive attitude will impact much in the overall development of their personality and morality. So it’s strictly prohibited to show off the furious mind to the lying toddlers.

Never Call Them Liars:

A thief can never be a thief if society and circumstances take the best care of him. Similarly, a liar son can never ascend the upper stage of lying if his family supports him to get out of the habit. How to take your children out of the exercise of lying? The first and best way is to not call them liars. They might get more incentive to immerse in lying if they get the status of a liar as it impacts them intensively.

Your lying children must be thrashed mentally outside by their friends. In this case, you have to understand their feelings. You need to support them to forget everything. Also, you are bound to react with them positively as if you knew their mind. Otherwise, it will be difficult to raise your children properly.

Stay Away From Hurting Them Physically:

Physical torture can never bring a positive outcome- all the psychologists unanimously acknowledge it. Rather than physical punishment make the children ferocious and wild. They tend to refuse to show minimal respect to their parents. And ultimately they become out of control and nothing can prevent them to get indulged in self-devastating tasks.

On the other hand, it might cause severe health concerns to your children. Your slight unconsciousness may cause horrible damage to the body of your beloved ones. Nobody knows whenever an accident will take place. It’s a better practice to stay away from physical punishment all along.

Respect The Boundaries:

It’s obvious that you have a certain boundary that is not to be crossed. Since telling a lie is a coherent inclination of the children, you should avoid overreacting with them for such a common matter. You need to stay within your limit when it comes to disciplining your children. That is because an adolescent period is a right time for building their self-esteem and personality.

They always expect much importance and priority. But if you often intervene in their personal life, they will become annoyed and teased. They will certainly become frustrated. And consequently, it will hinder them to keep well with their studies and think about a bright future. That’s why you should solidify your bond with your teenagers, no matter whether they are used to telling a lie or pickpocketing your money.

Be Positive-Minded:

Being positive is the best remedy for all disorders. Nothing can humiliate you if you are positive-minded. Today your teenagers tell a lie, it doesn’t mean they will become great liars in the future. It doesn’t indicate they will be smugglers, robbers, or cheaters in the advanced in life. There is nothing to think about deeply with the lying teenagers as it is causal.

There is no chance of losing hope in them. You have enough time to make them good human beings. You need to implement your parenting formulae to keep raising them to your standards. So it will be a wise decision to stay cool and positive at all times.

Frequently Asked Questions:

In this section, I’m going to answer some of the frequently asked questions. You may gather more queries from here to grow your teenagers in an honest manner.

What is the punishment for high school students?

High school students might have some behavioral problems. The problems are normal but somewhat detrimental for them. They need to be punished to get out of the problems. For disciplining them, you can allow them to consume some unpleasant substances that can teach them a good lesson.

What is the creative punishment for 12 years old?

A 12 years old teenager is likely to be knave to habit. Punishing him or her for telling a lie is not a wise decision at all. You can at best create distance with him or her to bring back on the right track.

What is the creative punishment for 13 years old?

Friction with a 13 years old toddler is common to the parents. The friction appears because of mismatching the choices and priorities. Telling a lie is one of the root reasons for relationship distance. To punish the teenagers of this age, you may avoid power struggles and explain the restriction limitations to them.

What is the creative punishment for 14 years old?

As a creative punishment for 14 years old teenager, you can ignite a hot temper. You can express harsh behavior and deal with them roughly. In a word, you need to ignore mild behavior to punish them for telling a lie.

What is the creative punishment for 15 years old?

A 15-year-old teenager is prone to disregard family rules and regulations. You can punish him or her by imposing more hard and fast family rules. Also, you can allow many consequences if he or she violates the principles.

Final Words For Lying Teenager:

Every teenager has to pass a tough stage in life. He or she prompts to get overwhelmed in telling a lie. The teenagers get in trouble because of their silly mistakes. And that’s why they tend to reach out to lie to hide the errors.

Parents should keep sharp eye on them at this period lest they should ruin their life. There are some creative punishments for lying teenagers that can make a significant difference in no time. In order to avoid all the further concerns, you may follow them to the letter.

In the meantime, you’ve known the punishments that are creative but impactful for teenagers. You will definitely find the outcome you’re desperately seeking by applying the provided methods of discipline. All the explained punishments are favorable for turning a lying teenager into a modest, humble, obedient, and truthful one.