What Causes Rebellious Behavior in Teenagers and Adults?

Teenage rebellion is a normal scenario of growth and development. At this period, the toddlers want to form their own identity and personality. They become somewhat defiant and try to go against the norms of the family. The disregard and insouciant behavior create a far distance between teenagers and parents. Several reasons are identified for the out-of-control characteristics of young people. The parents need to experience them raising their children in compliance, obedience, and gratified environment.

During teenage years, children want the freedom to make decisions, improve self-esteem, participate in social events, carry out something against the boundary, and prioritize their own opinion. But the parents used to refuse their independence and put pressure on their regular activities. Eventually, severe friction between parents and toddlers often takes place. What causes rebellious behavior in teenagers? You need to know the signs and causes of adolescent defiance to guide your child to lead a happy life minimizing the relationship distance.

However, in this article, I’m going to cover the common reasons for teenager rebellion. In addition, I will break down the approaches of dealing with a rebellious child and pinpointing the rebellious nature. So you may stay tuned till the end if you’re not indeed in a rush. Let’s explore them!

rebellious behavior in teenagers and adults


What makes a teenager rebellious?

Teenage is a period between childhood and adulthood. At this time, an affectionate, cooperative, and compliant child usually turns into a mature one. A flood of new hormones makes a toddler impulsive, assertive, and reckless. The infamous and law-breaking attitude appears in his or her mind. Moreover, frequent mood swings can be noticed in a teenager. It’s normal and the most obvious. The key impacts that make a teenager rebellious are depicted below in brief.

Development of prefrontal cortex:

The prefrontal context, located behind the forehead is responsible for the rebellious attitude of teenagers. The fast development of the prefrontal context in the brain improves emotional responses, elevates mood swings, and increases the arguing attitude in teenagers. In fact, they fall through to keep authority over themselves and become tend to do what they actually like. Until they completely become mature, their brain continues stimulating them in making poor decisions, tempting for injurious tasks, trying to miss school assignments, and so on.

With the spur of silliness, they get addicted to alcohol, wine, drugs, and many more unhygienic things. The interest in risky tasks and missing school are also seen during the period of adolescence. But the fact is that you can’t control the development of the brain; therefore it’s totally impossible to raise a son or girl without facing such problems.

Changes in hormone:

As I mentioned earlier, the constant change of hormones affects intensively to the attitude and behavior of teenagers. They become defiant and unstoppable while hormones keep rolling over. Several studies of the human body express that teenagers go through extreme hormone changes during adolescence. With the impact of such changes, there arise hasty decision-making tendencies for the adolescent.

Besides, the transition of hormones results in impulsive behavior in teenagers. But the medical experts never blame hormones since they play a pivotal role in the growth and development of teenagers. And sole hormone can’t make a person traumatic and sullen. So you may take the raging of hormones positively.

Struggle for building identity:

A child doesn’t want to be treated as a child in the teenage period. He or she wants to boost self-esteem and persona. Your children will become angst, disheartened, and chafing if you don’t let them build identity. At this period, they become influenced by their friends. They try to imitate others’ lifestyles and live in their own fashion. Typically, they gain the ability to choose someone who fits them. Moreover, they tend to reach out to something that might make them satisfied.

In a word, they struggle for prioritizing their own preference and build identity. But if you interrupt them to do so, a rebellious attitude might arise in them. If you keep putting pressure on them, they will never listen to you and comply with your commands. Sometimes there might take place conflict between you and your beloved children.

Need for self-control:

Teenagers are desperate to acquire self-control. They used to neglect what anyone else is saying over their interest. For any simple matter, they are prone to defy their parents. The motive for taking control over their actions easily leads them to rebellion. As they like to make decisions in all spheres of life, the forceful decisions of parents can make a considerable relationship gap.

The ambition of being self-dependent makes them disobeyed. And they show the audacity of lashing out at parents if they are prevented in establishing themselves self-centered. As they try to expose their individuality, an obstruction of developing their own opinion may make them fierce and unquenchable.

Ask for independence:

The exertion of independence is a must for human beings. Nobody wants to live within the boundaries of norms. Everyone wants to do everything as his or her sweet will. The carving for freedom arises in the human mind during the adolescent years. A child always searches for freedom from parents to hang out elsewhere, make their own decisions, to focus on goals, and so on.

But if parents decline to give independence to their children, the rebellious attitude appears in their minds and their reactions get changed. They become mentally prepared to struggle for gaining independence as long as they need. Unless the parents wisely give them enough space for freedom, they might make some serious and self-destructive decisions.

Fighting for asserting themselves:

Teenagers love to assert themselves. They want people to notice them. They want to have the utmost importance from society, family, and friends. Through their own intellect and deeds, they want to be caught on. To seek attention and solace from people around them, they tend to carry out even a daunting task. By changing their lifestyle and appearance, they want to infer to people that they are grown enough.

But the parents don’t often allow them to get acceptance from everyone. That’s not because of the enmity but for their care. Every parent wants to keep the children in some hard and fast rules. They are not in the part of allowing their children to take control over everything even at very early ages. And they forbade the teenagers to go against their norms. Ultimately, this scenario makes the younger rebellious and reckless.

Loss of emotional control:

Loss of emotional control is another major reason for the rebellious behavior of teenagers. Their emotions, especially bad ones might indulgence them to misbehave with family members. A frustrating matter may lead them astray at ease. Grief, sadness, shame, and negative thinking might force them to do something unexpected and unfair. Even a teenager can create a devastating event being seized by anger.

When they are overwhelmed with emotional disorders, they lose control over themselves. Their capability of justification and decision-making gets diminished considerably whenever they act upon emotions. They never care for the relationship and respect. In a word, they become insane and never listen to anyone. In a word, they downright garb the characteristics of rebellion.

Strict family rules:

Strict family rules can easily make teenagers rebellious. So loosening the reins of rules is important to put down the defiant attitude of children. To raise your toddlers in a protective environment, you need to give them some space in order that they can discover themselves. You need to stop preventing them to explore their strength and boost up their confidence.

To build a healthy and respectful relationship with your teenagers, you are bound to take care of their interests and desire. Being offensive in every case may make your toddlers out of control in no time. It’s inevitable to speak with them cordially and communicate with helping minds. No need to scold and revoke them if they make silly mistakes.

What are rebellious teenage characteristics?

The rebellious characteristics are viable and visible. A defiant teenager showcases his or her negative characteristics through actions, attitude, behavior, and gesture. Some of the most common and important signs of rebellious teenagers are pointed out below.

What are rebellious teenage characteristics?

Self-harming and risky behavior:

The rebellious sign can be noticed in one’s behavior. A disregard child embodies self-harming and risky behavior. He or she can commit anything without thinking of the consequences. The devastating behavior not only brings a negative impact on their life but also make other people embarrassed. Driving a car at high speed, playing with injurious materials, mixing with malicious people, and dealing with the worst things are the key characteristics of a rebellious toddler.

A fractured relationship with parents:

When someone gets rebellious, the relationship with parents becomes miserable. Poor relationship with family members is the hallmark of teenage rebellion and it’s psychologically proven. That is because defiant teenagers never listen to their parents and act upon family rules. They become unreachable and out of bonding. The parents find it cumbersome to guide them toward the right pathway.

Addiction to smoking and drinking alcohol:

Rebellious teenagers tend to get addicted to smoking and drinking alcohol. They have an intense attraction to the drugs- it might be either for the pursuance of friends or the emotions. They usually suffer from depression. They become obsessed and distressed most of the time.

Poor judgmental and decision-making skills:

A rebellious child has no common sense. He or she used to make wrong decisions. The poor judgmental skills force the rebellious adolescents to compensate for in the future. They don’t even know what they are going to do. Avoiding their responsibilities and bringing curses in life seem something usual to them.

How to deal with teenage rebellion?

Acquiring the ability to deal with teenage rebellion is a must for sensible parents. If you fail to treat your rebellious child smartly, it will be difficult to bring him or her back on track. Below are the productive and effective methods of dealing with a teenager who has a rebellious attitude.

how to deal with teenage rebellion

Don’t put extreme pressure:

Many people make blunders in putting extra pressure on rebellious children. But the pressure might make the teenagers more rebellious. If you discover reckless behavior in your children, you need to stay calm instead of rebuking them and strengthening the rules. Try not to impose extra pressure on their mind to allow them to come round soon.

Establish good relationship:

Building a strong relationship with rebellious teenagers is indispensable for you to keep them quiet and obliged. You will certainly be angry with their actions and try to cut off the relationship as usual. But it’s not a good practice at all. Rather you need to stay in touch to take the best care of them.

Be affectionate and stay consistent:

There is no chance of being rude to rebellious children. You need to be sincere and cordial with them whenever they are going through a rebellious phase. Moreover, you can stay consistent with your rules and keep guiding them to make a quick recovery.

Praise their good actions:

Admiring their good actions can make them grateful and cheerful. Allow them to be positive to you. Let them break all the misunderstandings with you. And these will aid you a lot to be able to reduce the rebellious attitude of your children.

Never make a punishment:

Punishment can never bring a positive impact. Instead, it makes the children more violent and offensive. The teenagers will be addicted in making wrong activities by nature. They might tend to irritate you for everything. In this case, you have to show your composure and enduring mood to tackle such tough situations.

Why teenage rebellion is a good thing?

Being a rebel is part of the growth of teenagers. It’s important to build self-identity, create a sense of excitement, flourish knowledge, become visionary, and release fear. Teenage rebels might cause initial anxieties and discomforts but provide far-reaching consequences. A rebellious mind is necessary to explore new ideas and alternative ways of solving problems.

The world is being challenging day by day. A child needs to acquire the skill of survival to keep up with this consistent change of the world. And the rebellious attitude might play a vital role to make him or her competent to handle upcoming obstacles and hazards of life.

Final Words For Rebellious Teenagers

During adolescence years, children begin to capture the mental and physical abilities of a grown person. They seek freedom, importance, respect, and self-control. By nature, they become desperate to lead their life as per their preference. If the parenting rules and regulations hinder them to build a separate identity, they become rebellious. What causes rebellious behavior in teenagers? By this time, you have found the key reasons that incentive a child to become a rebel.

Moreover, you have noticed the characteristics of rebellious teenagers that bring a significant difference in the overall lifestyle. Luckily, you’ve learned the tactics of dealing with defiant children to raise them appropriately. Now it’s your turn to implement the acquired knowledge to succeed in raising children.