20+ Awesome Minute to Win it Games for Teens (Kids, Groups, Office)

Minute to win it games are one of the ridiculous fun games that you can play with your friends and family at home. These games are very interesting to audience feeling thrilled among the contestant.

These games make romantic atmosphere when it just needs to end under a minute. You can play these games with groups and a person. It depends on your wish and your family and friends. These games are perfect for any birthday parties but you can play it in any parties being any age’s persons.

There is thousands of minute games in the world that plays around you. Now! We are going to list most playing games in the first and second world.

We’ve also made a (dare we say) awesome list of the 17 awesome party games for teenagers, which is also worth checking out!

Some Special Minute to Win it Games List

minute to win it games

Hello, everybody! Now let me describe the unique list of Minute to win it party games. We think we know it will be perfect for everyone that what game you will take for home playing. This list will help you to choose the proper game for your family and friends that would be played easily at home. So you can follow the lists below to choose the suitable Minute to win Games lists for teen, kids, adult, and group.

Minute to win it Games for Teens

Minute to win it Games for Teens

Worm Diving

Worm diving is my best One minute Games ever I played. Gets a pretzel out of a fishbowl using a sticky gummy worm attached to the end of a fishing line. You have to follow this step for enjoying this full game show.

  1. Set up fishbowl filled with pretzels positioned 6″ from the foul line.
  2. The gummy worm so that it hangs 48″ from the tip of the rod.
  3. Prepare gummy sticky worm by getting it wet and wringing it out until it’s sticky.
  4. When the clock starts, the player may raise the fishing rod and attempt to fish pretzels out of the fishbowl and get the pretzel into his or her mouth.
  5. The player must stand behind the foul line at all times or the game is over.
  6. If the player touches the string or gummy worm while a pretzel is attached, that pretzel won’t count.
  7. The string may not be wound around the fishing pole during an attempt.

To complete the game, the player must successfully retrieve a pretzel from the fishbowl and get it into his or her mouth within the 1-minute time limit.


  1. 1 fishing rod with string
  2. gummy worm
  3. 1 fishbowl
  4. pretzels
  5. foul line

Baby Blockin’

This is the most favorite minute to win it games for teens. Kids love this it-game for their entertaining. Stack 5 wooden baby blocks on top of plastic plate balanced on top of the head.

When the clock starts, the player places a plate on top of the head and attempts to stack blocks vertically on the plate.

The player may not move plate with hands once placed on the head.

To complete the game, all 5 blocks must remain stacked vertically for 3 seconds within the 60-second time limit. Enjoy this awesome Baby Blockin’ game show.


  1. 5 wooden baby blocks
  2. Plastic Plate

Moving on Up

Moving on up in one of the funny game for kids but mature people also play as well. This kind of game not only makes laughing atmosphere but also the player attitude.

To play this game need 39 blue plastic cups. From the start of this game, you need 40 plastic glasses and 39 blue with one red color. This cups should keep in stack one upon another within a minute. That can first complete who win the game.

Junk in the Trunk

Junk in the trunk is also funny game and wired too. You can try out at your home with your friends. To play this game you need tissue box and 8 ping pong balls. Now empty the tissue box and full fill with the 8 ping pong balls.

Keep the tissue box with helping the belt or rope in your back contestant. Now start the game with shaking your body that can empty the box within 60 seconds wins the game.

Stack Attack

This is the interesting game to the audience. To play this game you need 36 plastic cups. Two players can play this game. Keep the cups on the table step by step and make a like pyramid. After completing this pyramid you must close that as well the first time. That can do it in 60 seconds win the game.

Minute to win it Games for Kids

Minute to win it Games for Kids

Yank Me

The Stack 5 cups and 4 index cards in a tower and then remove cards from the top down, until cups are assembled in 1 stack on the table.

When the clock starts, the player begins to stack the tower consisting of upside-down cups topped with index cards.

Once the tower is completed, the player must pull cards out from tower 1 at a time, starting from the top, until all cups nest together.

To finish the game, cards must be completely removed, and cups must form a single stack within 60-second time limit.


  1. 5 plastic cups
  2. 4 index cards

Mad Dog

Already, we have come to know that there are many minutes to win it games for kids around you mad dog is one of them. It is the funny game not realistic and classic you would like to try out at home.

Don’t use your brain while playing, just play and enjoy with your friends and family members. To play you must need a ruler and two Tic-tack Boxes (full). Two players can play this game with a ruler and each end of the ruler will be added one box with tape or any material.

And both players place the ruler in their mouth at the center of the ruler and move vertically. Who can empty this box at first within a minute wins the game? Don’t touch the ruler with hand just mouth.

Card Ninja

Card Ninja is really funny game one of them one minute games to play needs your meditation. Green and youngest player loves to play it. It is the indoor game and you can play with your friends and family members.

To plays, the game needs half watermelon and new cards. Suppose two contestants will play the game there is two table in front every player. And the watermelon has on the table.

Now each player keeps space between them and stands from the table just 10-12 feet and depends on their wish. Now they start the game they start to throw the cards to watermelon. That player can stick in the watermelon at first wins the game.

Nose Dive

Wow! This is indeed ridiculed game on of the Minute to Win Games. Don’t use the brain just play and enjoy with accuracy mind. This is the interesting and simplicity of funny games.

To play you must need few cotton balls, bowl, and petroleum jelly. Now let me describe this game there are two bowls for each player and keep them little space within arms. Keep one bowl with cotton balls and others is empty. Every player should apply the petroleum jelly at the tip of the nose.

Now his/her nose put in the bowl where cotton balls are. Each player should take cotton balls with nose and keep to the other bowl. That player can collect more cotton balls than other within a minute win the game.

Sticky Situation

Sticky situation is one of the funny and simple games like ninja game but little different. Only one player can play this game no need others. And its format is very simple and simplicity.

To play this game need peanut butter, bread, ping pong balls and the small table. Now let me describe this game the surface of a bread slice needs to put a thick paste of peanut butter. This is the time to put the slice on the table and the butter covered side would like to face the sky.

The player should stand some distance from the table. Now the games start! Throwing balls one by one and bounce on the ground to touch the bread. When one ball touches the bread on the table then the player won the game. And this is the part of a minute to win it games for office.


Ka broom is another fun game from Minute to win it games to the audience and players. One player can play this game in any place.

To play this game you need the cup, paper plates, marshmallows, and broom.Hum! This is really fun game. You need a large table and the plate placed on the side of the table. The plate must hang half in air from the table. Now the game starts! Hitting the hanging part of the plate and the marshmallows naturally jump.

You must catch that marshmallow with the cup which already has in your hand. Remember, you must complete the task within 60 seconds with catching more marshmallows.

Minute to win it Games for Office

Minute to win it Games for Office

A Bit Dicey

You have to balance six dice on a Popsicle stick held in your mouth.

Prior to game start, player places a single popsicle stick in his/her mouth. When the clock starts, player will pick up and vertically stack one die at a time on the stick. Player may not allow dice to rest against their nose or to touch any part of their face.

In the event that a die is dropped or falls off of the stick, player may take a replacement die off of the podium and use it in its place. To complete the game, 6 dice must be stacked one on top of the other on the popsicle stick within the 60-second time limit



  1. Popsicle stick
  2. Dice

Baby Rattle

Contestant transfers gumballs from the filled sides of two 2-liter bottles to the empty sides of two attached 2-liter bottles.

Prior to game start, player stands with hands at sides. When the clock starts, player picks up each set of bottles by grabbing the section connecting the bottles. Player may not switch which hands are holding the bottles during the game.

Player may not break apart the bottles or hit them against the table, each other, or the body. To complete the game, player must transfer all gumballs from the beginning bottles to the final bottles with both sets resting on the table and hands free within the 60-second time limit.


  1. (4) Empty 2-liter bottles
  2. Table
  3. Gumballs

Back Flip

Catch increasingly larger sets of pencils, flipped off the back of your hand

Pencils are placed on playing surface in increments of 2, with all erasers facing the same direction. When the clock starts, player picks up first set of 2 pencils and places them on the back of his/her hand. Player must flip pencils into the air, then catch them together.

Player adds two more pencils with each turn, building to a final set of 12.Player cannot add the next set of 2 pencils until the previous set has been caught. To complete the game, player must catch sets of 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, and finally 12 pencils in succession within the 60-second time limit.


  1. 12 pencils

Beach Tennis

Prior to game start, place the open cooler 15 feet away from a designated foul line. Place a second foul line from the cooler perpendicular to the other line. When the clock starts, using the flippers as paddles, the players must volley the ping-pong ball back and forth and land it in the cooler.

The players may not cross the foul line before the ping-pong ball is hit at least once. Players may not cross the second foul line that lies between them at any time. He/She  may not double hit or carry the ping-pong ball with flipper at any time.

To complete the game, 1 ping-pong ball must remain in the cooler within the 60-second time limit.


  1. S2 swim flippers
  2. Ping-pong balls
  3. Ice cooler

Ball Cap

Drop golf balls onto tops of glass soda bottles and displace upside-down bottle cap on top of each.

Prior to game start, place bottle caps upside down on each of the bottles. When clock starts, player drops golf balls onto tops of bottles to displace bottle cap on top of each. To complete the game, 3 golf balls must be resting on 3 bottle mouths concurrently within the 60-second time limit.


  1. 10 empty glass bottles
  2. 10 bottle caps
  3. Golf balls

Blind Ball

While blindfolded, collect 2 balls balanced on cardboard tubes.

  • 1)  Cut 2 cardboard tubes so that each is in 2 pieces, with 1 piece twice as long as the other (2 short tubes and 2 long tubes).
  • 2)  Spread out the tubes in a playing area so that they stand vertically with a ball balanced on top of each.
  • 3)  After being blindfolded, the player is spun around 2 times then the clock begins.
  • 4)  When the clock starts, the player begins searching for a ball (without crawling).
  • 5) If a ball touches the floor at any time, it is out of play.
  • 6) To complete the game, player must obtain 2 balls (holding them at the same time) within the 60-second time limit.


  1. 4 inflatable balls (approximately 10″ diameter)
  2. 3 cardboard tubes (from gift wrap)
  3. 1 blindfold

Minute to win it Games for Groups

Minute to win it Games for Groups

Pink Elephant

The pink elephant is one of the laughing games. No need to any experience to play it. Just play with carefully so that you can’t lose your mind. This game is just for kids and youngest people.

To play this game need a soft spring toy and headband. This is the very simple game just maintains your balancing to play it. At first place the spring and headband on the forehead. Now, this spring look like the elephant trunk. Start the game! Try to keep the spring in the center of your forehead.

And if you can keep it on your forehead within a minute, you will win the game.

Hut Hut Hike!

Hut hike is not only a fun game but also simply laughing games. This game looks like long snapper game but the little bit different. To play this game need toilet paper and a standing hoop.

Two players can play this game one stand with hoop and others stay the little bit far and he throws the toilet paper through the hoop. In here the winner is the just one who gets the move into the hoop.

It is easy to play, each people can play this funny game.

Bobble Head

I think, already you have heard the name of a pedometer. In this game, we need the pedometer to play this game. Many players can play this game at a time. We know that a pedometer is an electronic device which helps to play this game.

To play this game we need a pedometer and headband. For play, these games each player must be the headband with the electronic pedometer at the top of the head. Now start the game with shakes their head to get 125 points so that one can win the game.

And this game will take time just one minute like others minute to win it games for groups.

Rapid Fire

Rapid fire is another interesting game. You can try to play this game at your home with your friend and family. Group and person can play this game. This game is not only funny but also focus the intelligence. The aim is the key to success to win the game.

To play this game we need several Tin can, rubber bands, and table. At first, six bottles set in a triangle fashion on the table. Keep three bottles on the table than keep two bottles on three bottles and at the end, one bottle set on two bottles.

Now begin the game! Players should stand from the same distance and use their fingers to play the game.

Now hit to the can with rubber, use your finger with stretch the band. Hit all cans and move the cans from the table on the ground win the game.

At the end of this minute to win games list, we can say that there is thousands of Minute Games around you. You can like to play with your friends and family in your free time.